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  1. being folically challenged I have no need for a hairdryer. where's my rebate? I could also be persuaded to put off the hoovering if there was some financial incentive. Thereby increasing the tax burden on the vain and the tidy brigade.
  2. Unfortunately, this is a cultural thing. Accepting blame, or admitting they can't solve a problem and the refusal of outside help has happened before. Brief details here, but in summary, even though a solution had been found, they refused to implement it until they had facilities to do it for themselves. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HIV-tainted_blood_scandal_%28Japan%29
  3. slight hoarder - but have realised this and am getting rid of stuff week-by-week. the only 'stuff' I have now, but don't really need is my books (keeping those) and my cd's (probably keep) - am gradually getting rid of everything else - clothes, kitchen stuff, furniture etc
  4. I have a copy of this for sale, if you want to PM me for details.
  5. perhaps a short-term rent might be more suited to you: My link
  6. not as good as the kitchen dinosaurs though.
  7. Got 10% off my crash helmet just asking if they could move on the price a bit. Might try a bit harder with this haggling lark. Will be putting the cash saved aside, so will see how much I get.
  8. I want one of these. Might try the haggle down the Honda garage next weekend.... New helmet shopping tomorrow - will definitely try to haggle on that.
  9. http://rt.com/news/japan-earthquake-fukushima-tokyo-842/ more earthquakes...
  10. i'll plump for the multicountry shutdown. greece, spain, italy, portugal (cyprus will still be shut when they do it.)
  11. time to buy de la rue shares? http://shares.telegraph.co.uk/quote/?epic=DLAR
  12. aim high - seems to be the same as EAs and fantasy Foxtons pricing.....
  13. vote scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled.
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