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  1. Yes they are just a bunch of salesmen selling financial strategies. But I think the doom and gloom echoes the thoughts/opinions/anecdotals of others on this forum. That's why I thought it deserved it's own thread...
  2. Definitely agree with the various posts about tightening lending criteria - no one should be able to borrow more than 3 or 4 times their salary...
  3. Saw this on GMTV this morning - when I voted, 43.10% still believe no, there won't be a crash. Get voting, give them something to think about... http://www.gm.tv/
  4. I've seen this too. Friend of mine and her partner just bought a nice two-bed semi, ideal FTB house. Ideal except for the price of course. I tried to persuade her against buying at the end of last year. She didn't listen. She plans to move in two/three years into a bigger family home, because obviously she'll have made some profit on this house. Tried to explain to her about the credit crunch, impending HPC and negative equity. "Won't happen" she said. All family/friends agreed with her. I tried my best.
  5. Hi grumpy old man Thanks, I think we're in a good position too. I'm a graphic designer, my husband is a full-time work-based assessor/trainer at a local college and he also teaches part-time. I'm hoping a recession won't affect us in terms of our careers... A
  6. Hi everyone, First discovered this site just over three years ago when my husband and I were thinking about buying a house. We're both 27, been married since 2004, renting together since 2003, both employed full-time with average salaries. Oh, and we have no kiddies. In 2004, the house we were renting was put up for sale - we were offered the opportunity to buy it - but, although we adored the house, we refused. We just felt it was simply too expensive - 2 bed semi with garage and garden in Nottingham valued at £125,000. I'd always envisaged spending less than that on a long-term family home. Luckily for us, the new owners wanted to keep us on as tenants and we're still living here very happily (until they decide to jump ship and sell perhaps... ) I'm so glad we we didn't buy - we've both felt that houses have been ridiculously over-valued for ages now and prices like that simply can't be sustained. I firmly believe we will see a crash within the next few years. Annylou P.S Love the site - lurk on here almost every day. Think I may be addicted
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