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  1. http://icwales.icnetwork.co.uk/0300busines...-name_page.html

    "Rents rose modestly during the quarter, helped by the continued slowdown of new instructions, although Wales, together with Scotland, still had the lowest rents in Britain at £343 and £382 respectively.

    Surveyors remained optimistic about the outlook for rents with confidence positive for Wales. Across the UK, new instructions are rising, though at the slow pace seen over the past year."


    "Seventeen per cent of surveyors predicted that rents would rise over the next three months, with confidence highest in London. A positive outlook was also reported for Wales, the North, and the Midlands.

    RICS also thinks tenant demand for property and rents will continue to rise in 2005, increasing investors' rental returns. But it added that these are likely to lag behind the cost of mortgages."

    BC -- do you have time to do anything else outside posting on this board? Is someone paying you for this? :blink:

  2. People, I'm trying to upload a graphic from my desktop which shows how much house prices in London fell by on a postcode-by-postcode basis in the last crash but it is 350kb and it looks like the maximum size of file you can attach with the "add this attachment" function is 300kb; does anyone know/can anyone see a way round this?

    If you scan the image as a jpeg, save it, then you should be able to reduce the size of it in 'properties'. But I don't know if you have a scanner!. I'd like to see the graph though.

  3. I'm a newby, but thought I'd drop a line on the forum about my experiences in SE London. Prices are dropping like crazy here since the new year. I am (with my wife) looking for a 2/3 bedroom house in SE London for between £160k and £190k -- this time last year, no chance. Now, the properties are simply not selling and vendors are dropping prices by as much as £10k at a time. We are now looking at properties with sale prices in the 170-80k range and estate agents saying that sellers will be taking offers on this. Walk around Plumstead at the moment and you will see only 'FOR SALE' signs and no 'SOLD' signs. Things have changed quite quickly, and it is clear that estate agents are getting worried about the lack of buyers (at least at this price range).

    I realise that this is a bit of a microcosm, but I have been amazed at the rapid change in the market, and will probably hang on a couple of months to see if things really do go through the floor. Although (at least in London) I don't think 2/3 bedroom houses are ever going to dip below 150k.


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