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  1. After the riots and in view of the way the police stood back and watched the looting and arson without lifting a finger to intervene, I resolved to spend as little as possible from now on - it's only worth spending money on possessions if you live in a stable, civilised country.
  2. A lot of people are spending in celebration of the sheer relief of having got rid of NuLabor. We're doing well (relatively) because the markets have confidence in Osborne; we're outside the Eurozone; we're not the US (which is now universally disliked). Nothing to do with Gordo's policies (except the one thing he did right was not to take us into the Euro). If he had got back in, we'd be in Weimar territory by now. JL is always going to do well in a recession when there's invariably a flight to quality.
  3. If Labour had got back in we would have been staring currency collapse in the face by now. As it is, the markets see sterling as one of the least worst options to invest in ATM. Many factors at play - after the way Obama went for BP companies are going to be chary about doing business in the US. There's a head of steam building up for the BoE to raise IRs. But it's all good for sterling. Enjoy (while it lasts).
  4. The currency markets are factoring in a Labour victory, so expect further falls in sterling. How low it could go is anybody's guess if a run really starts and it isn't as if Gord has anything to throw at it to save it.
  5. I don't think the Euro will either break up or seriously devalue but I don't think the German/Franco alliance which runs the EU will bail out Greece et al, and Eurozone countries such as Greece which are now running on huge debts will either be forced into poverty or be forced out of the euro.
  6. It seems very unlikely there will be a housing crash now. People have lost faith in banks and cash, and that confidence won't return for a long while yet. People would rather invest in bricks and mortar. I'm amazed the way things have turned out. 2 years ago I was convinced there would be a major property crash. We're in a 2-tier market though as there are many properties, especially in the North, which are virtually insaleable.
  7. Yes, that would explain a lot if Gordo plus quite a few other Labour MPs/cronies had Icesave accounts and above the 50k limit. I always thought it was totally wrong for the British government to bail out the feckless who had invested above 50k. Interesting point that the Icelandic premier probably knows who held accounts - I'd love to see who was on that list.
  8. Bliar is evil personified. Apart from his well-documented evil doings, such as his lies over the reasons for going to war in Iraq, hounding Dr Kelly to his death, et cetera, his evil policy of introducing, in 2000, cash incentives for local authorities to meet adoption targets has resulted in countless babies being unjustifiably snatched from their mothers soon after birth and forcibly adopted with no right of redress by the mother. One point in GB's favour is that at least he has abolished this evil cash-for-adoption doctrine. Blair's crimes are going to catch up with him one day.
  9. Just be thankful that Lord Mandy graciously returned from his EU post to help his country in need. Things have got so much better since Mandy came back - and look how the EU has crumbled. They obviously can't manage without him.
  10. Beale is such a whinger, and since he took over at NW, it seems to be going steadily downhill. I used to keep quite at lot of money inNW, but sad to say I don't have any worthwhile savings there now.
  11. I wouldn't fix - I personally hate being tied in to fixes. And I wouldn't pay an arrangement fee on principle. If you can stay with your current lender on a no-fix basis with no arrangement fee, I'd do that, if the rate is okay. Then if in the near future any banks start offering any good deals, you'd be in a good position to grab one.
  12. I've recently had notes put on my windscreen from people interested in buying my car - an old Saxo VTR
  13. It's true that the last decent mortgage deals died a death early in 2008 and it will be a long while before they reappear, if ever.
  14. Isn't the BoE's quantitative easing programme equivalent to me using a credit card, on which I'm already maxxed out, to pay my mortgage? Maybe I'm missing something but I'd say as a country we're running on empty now, living on borrowed time ...
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