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  1. From Bloor Homes web site / BloorHomesStart Bloor Homes "Ideal for First Time Buyers or existing owners The property is 100% yours (This is not Shared Ownership) No rent to pay No Contract Deposit required BloorHomesStart is a new and exciting scheme by BloorHomes which gives you the chance to own your new home. You pay 75%** of the price before you move in, then pay 25%**of the current value of the property when you sell or you can settle in full at any time* A typical 4 bed 3 storey Mews priced at £155,950 You pay £116,962.50 (75%) now, and a Bloor company finances the 25% balancing payment until the time you sell (for a maximum of 15 years)* *Offer available on selected plots - subject to applicants status. A nominal reservation fee refundable on exchange of contracts may be levied. Typical example: Purchase a property valued at £155,950, 75% (£116,962.50) is payable at the time of purchase. You then have up to 15 years to pay the 25% balance at current market value at the time of repayment, this is secured by a second mortgage. e.g. If the property is sold or transferred for £165,950 then 25% (£41,487.50) is payable to the company plus costs, likewise if the property is sold or transferred for £145,950 then 25% (£36,487.50) is payable to the company plus costs. Not available with any other offers. YOUR HOME IS AT RISK IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS OR OTHER LOAN SECURED ON IT. BE SURE THAT YOU CAN AFFORD THE REPAYMENTS BEFORE ENTERING INTO A CREDIT AGREEMENT. Terms and conditions available on request and any loan arrangements must be made through Bloor Homes recommended Independent Financial Adviser. **Subject to particular Development and applicants status" Intersting shared risks / shared rewards type approach - not sure what to make of it. Certainly lowers the costs of buying entry but still have to pay for it in the long run. However, it does seem on the face of it that, in effect, you get to stay in 25% of the property 'mortgage deferred' for up to 15 years. What do you reckon?
  2. Saw this in The Mail today. EA values house 50K less due to erection of phone mast. Phone mast wipes £50,000 off house value Definitely will have an effect but 50K? (about 12% off original valuation). Meethinks might be using this as an excuse to drop the price more than might have done given the recent and dramatic change of sentiment. Would it have been the same last summer? - headline more likely to have been "EA values house at extra 50K after mast installed" for the extra benefit of recieving superb mobile phone reception Sorry link didn't quite work. Need to follow link then go to House prices and view top story.
  3. "In a nutshell there is no party these days, just an ensemble of career polititians who have no care whether they are in our out of office so long as the salary plus expenses plus kickbacks keep rolling in." Totally agree - and don't forget the rather nice final salary pension scheme. I've often thought that it would be good to have a "none of the above" option on the voting slip. That way we could actually positively indicate our lack of confidence / belief in the candidates and parties should we so desire. Currently all you can do is not vote which gets diluted as general voter apathy rather than being able to actually convey your belief that none of the candidates / parties are actually worthy of your valuable support. In short this is why we often feel that we are not voting for the best party but the one which we reckon will do the least harm.
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