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  1. From the wording of your post you sound like one of the many clueless, Mail reading, unthinking right wing ******wits that unfortunately haunt this site. But perhaps lurking behind your stupidity is a point to be made about social housing in the UK. There should be a change in the allocation of social housing to ensure that the great majority is allocated to people in employment. To encourage people into work it's only incentives that do the job, despite your right wing fantasies about starving the unemployed while they live on the streets. I take the fact that you're posting on this sute as meaning that you'd like to be able afford somewhere half decent to live without borrowing up to ten times your income. Why the ****** don't you understand that the only way that this will ever be achieved is by a massive programme of building housing to be let at affordable rents with security of tenure.
  2. This board is full of right wing tories complaining that house prices are no longer 3 X earnings and then in the same breath complaining that some people are fortunate enough to live in social housing with affordable rents and secure tenancies. The only way to ensure lower house prices is to once again have a massive program of building houses for affordable rent with decent tenancy rights.
  3. Are you really so stupid to believe that there's any difference between a Tory and Labour victory?
  4. At last, a sensible comment. The reason that house prices used to be 3x income was that large numbers of houses used to be built for affordable rents.
  5. Why the rush to sell? Surely they can wait seven years for property prices to double again.
  6. Could anyone tell me how many people in NI earn around £100k pa and then how many houses are 'valued' at 300k or more? I'm not an expert but I suspect the answer may reveal how far those comically stupid prices have still got to fall.
  7. Your figures are way out of date though. Today someone earning £130 a week pays less than a fiver in tax. From: http://listentotaxman.com/
  8. The NHF represents Housing Associations, they always predict HPI because high prices mean that demand for social housing increases and guess who builds most social housing these days. Look at this idiocy from 2008: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/mortgages-and...p;in_page_id=57
  9. You surely can't be suggesting that they're not built very well?
  10. Much as I'd love to see Simon Morris in prision, has he really done anything illegal? As far as I can see all he's done is found some mug punters and sold them houses at stupid prices, just the same as any seller in 2006-7. He's still a ****, though.
  11. It's well presented and in a prestigious development. So why the ****** should you need a bedroom? In the future it's the type of home that all top earners should aspire to, as long as they're not scared of heights. Sadly it's just indicative of the insanity of London prices, a quick search on rightmove will reveal many flats in council tower blocks on sale for the same price.
  12. Not quite so cheap, but who needs windows when you're buying a one bed flat in South London for £150,000.
  13. Well This is a bargain because I can remember one bed flats in the same crack infested block going for £180,000
  14. That's right. You'd have to be mad to spend that much money on a one bed flat. Buy something bigger a bit further out and you'll be safe if the uber-bears predictions on here come true and there's further 50% falls to come, a scenario that if not likely, is quite easy to imagine.
  15. But the biggest part of that is pensions and pension credit totalling around £65bn. JSA, Income Support and Incapacity benefit total around £16bn. It's a Daily Mail myth that by cutting benefits you can sort out the public finances.
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