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  1. Glad I popped in for a nosey. That is very nice spyguy. Very nice indeed.
  2. In NI there used to be a clause in the purchase contract that if the property was to be sold within 10 years of purchase that the HE had first dibs on repurchasing the property. It was just ignored. There was no clause to stop people from mewing, moving on and renting out the property. From tenant to private landlord within a year in some cases.
  3. Hopefully last sale price will be added but a great start
  4. No idea. Sorry. Could/ should be an issue for the BTL lenders though. http://www.mortgagesforbusiness.co.uk/news-insight/2016/december-2016/mortgages-and-airbnb-1/
  5. 2nd LL to tell me the Airbnb story. Depressing. 5 what should be family homes have effectively disappeared from the market. Providing housing was a frequent line until it no longer suited their own interests. Now they are apparently encouraging tourism
  6. Bumped into a landlord here (NI) yesterday. Proud as punch he told me that he has this "tax thing sussed" He is now Airbnbing each house (5) for 7 days a month. Reckons that covers his mortgages and as he no longer has tenants or considers himself a landlord anymore he won't get taxed. Bless. Delusion is so much easier on the ego than despair.
  7. I wonder how many LL's will try this? I suppose it could look like a way out for types who always blame everybody/anybody rather than take responsibility for their own decisions. https://www.ftadviser.com/mortgages/2017/07/05/limited-company-buy-to-let-is-next-mis-selling-scandal/?page=1
  8. "I had no idea it (Mortgage Express) would be so unsympathetic" 13b of UKAR assets are owned by Cerebus although the management remained with the UKAR mortgage servicing arm (now transferred to Computershare) until earlier this year. http://www.mortgageintroducer.com/ukar-repays-3-3bn-taxpayers/#.WWJ_1IjyuyI
  9. One aspect May obviously has paid no attention to is the supposed neutrality voiced by the tories in 1991. http://www.irishexaminer.com/viewpoints/analysis/dup-deal-to-carry-high-price-in-more-way-than-one-452162.html
  10. Sadly this is true. After Nama, the fuel £'s for friends and numerous other scandals the DUP have gained in this election. It is worrying how much power Arlene and chums now have. Heaven only knows what they will do with it.
  11. The last tweet is about free speech and TM's number 1 song The tweet before that was about Wigan. Nothing I can see about Lloyds . Looks like they reported you. Honestly have they nothing better to do? I got similar last year for naming a local letting/estate agent that had forged my sons name on a tenancy inventory. Even though I could prove the incident happened and my account was 'opened' again after 3 days the tweet never reappeared. So I sent it again That tweet disappeared too with no warning or account restriction.
  12. This is what your account looks like to me. I can still view your profile and see tweets although there is nothing visible that would indicate the need for a restriction, unless, of course they have removed any tweet that was complained about. Caution: This account is temporarily restricted You’re seeing this warning because there has been some unusual activity from this account. Do you still want to view it? Yes, view profile
  13. HMRC should be able to pull in a fair few pounds from all those LL's who have to date been declaring a loss.
  14. One of the 1 beds has turned up on Airbnb for £70 quid a night. I am loath to link it as the owners personal pic & details are on it. Looks tiny but apparently sleeps 4.
  15. I am old enough to remember when you were not allowed to borrow to borrow. Seemed like an entirely reasonable premise. BTL loans with deposits borrowed from equity literally chucked that out with the trash. Now banks lend you money so you can borrow even more money Would be funny if it wasn't so desperate and damaging.
  16. Just back from Spain a couple of days ago. Even this Christmas was busier than the recent past winter visits. Fuengirola is teaming with Scandinavians and Kuwaiti's. I have family there involved with property who say that purchases to Brit's dropped summer 16 but was made up and some by purchasers from the Gulf. I saw a few new developments being advertised along with a glut of the pre crash unfinished developments being started again. No one that I spoke to from England, NI or Wales had any serious concerns about any possible Brexit implications.
  17. https://companycheck.co.uk/director/912227812/MISS-BELINDA-GRASHION/summary Impressive stuff
  18. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/landlord-bans-single-mums-battered-9574334#rlabs=1 rt$sitewide p$9 A while ago Fergus was going to stamp out domestic violence but now he has decided that battered women are not allowed to be his tenants. The unwanted tenant list which was given to a letting agent includes plumbers, single men or women with children under 18 and no zero hour contract or low income workers. If the property has an allocated parking area car registration details must be given.
  19. I'd rather you were right than I was Not too far off now til realisation hits the 2013 buyers.
  20. I suppose we will have to wait and see. Though I'm not sure that people were made aware of the all the negative situations that could arise from HTB. I say that as many brokers and bank mortgage staff hadn't the foggiest what they were doing when HTB started. Much of the builders advertising was miss leading to many. Regardless of how it happens I can't see how many of these loans can or will be paid back so in one way or another it will end up with tax payer donations to the 'buyers'
  21. Year six of HTB the rate is 1.75% then it increases yearly by 1% plus any RPI increase. And this is on a loan that nobody can possibly know the amount of as it is a % of the property value. So HTB signed people up to a loan with no fixed amount and no guaranteed payment rate. For a property with a new build premium attached. The builders did well, the 'buyers' not so much. The debt forgiveness will start in 2018 after a few bankruptcies and miss selling claims (which may have some merit)
  22. I just assumed that the face book comment about "communicating" with lenders meant that they were going to actually open their payback/arrears letters
  23. Yep, taking advice from a completly unqualfied eejit with vested interests on what is quite likely the largest financial transaction of his life was hardly a smart move. But I really dont understand how these know it all agents get away with giving finanical advice in the first place. Why have qualified experienced people who can be held accountable for their advice when any tom dick or harry with hair gel, a landlord forum or a newspaper column can do it completly free of consequences? Its mad.
  24. Why? Asylum seekers get free safe accommodation until their case is heard. If successful they are then put on council housing list, often with high enough points to guarantee housing. Really it is usually only unsucessfull asylum seekers who stay on illegally that are stuck for housing. I must be evil coz all I see is more landlords, another house rented that will quite probably be paid for by us.
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