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  1. MPC: Would monsior like one more loan? (French accent). Mr Cre-osumer "***K! I'm FULL!" MPC: (Still dodgy French accent); But sir, it is WAFFFFERRRRRR THIN! ...hmmm looks really sustainable!
  2. +1 I agree with the sentiment, although I wouldn't wish them the luxury of the dole.
  3. That sunflower's so hot, someone could get their fingers badly burnt.
  4. Yes me too. Told them to come back when prices come down to sane levels. At least one EA wasn't too pleased with this new reality call.
  5. +1 Although at least the optimism is starting to point in the right direction, 20XX and not in a couple of months.
  6. Ahh but people are still spending Ok, maybe the 2.5% cut must have done that. Good job employment isn't going down the pan
  7. Wonder how many nimby's will complain?
  8. `JIM`... but weeee cannnae' defy the laws of physics!
  9. Majorca? Or you could dive into this other fantastic holiday location Rightmove for 10K
  10. Please correct me if I'm wrong, this is off the cuff. But does this mean all the `public` wilderness area's that come under 'national park' become totally off limits? ergo 'closed' by this measure? If so then it would seem this aims not at cost cutting (although I realise it costs for rangers etc...) but this is more like human herding into populated zones only. {Tin Foil at the ready} - So wouldn't this mean if the above is correct that they intend keeping people out of the wilderness for some impending need to control peoples travel / movement?
  11. 20 pages you say? How many were legitimate full time jobs at or above minimum wage?
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