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  1. EVERYONE gets it to make sure that (in theory) no child will ever starve because their parents cannot afford to feed them. The fact that some parents are s***'s who mistreat their children is not the fault of the Govt or benefits system, the system in place ensures that if any good parent has a child then they are able to at least provide basic necessities for them. IE No good parents children die of hunger or suffer just because the parents have no job/money which may well be for reasons beyond their control. This does mean that some people get it who do not need it. But it is assumed that is just the price you pay to ensure no person who needs it falls through the net. With "means testing" no matter how hard you try this does happen. Child benefit is not means tested, as i say, so no child should starve. Thats a pretty good system i think.
  2. His actual name or the company he worked for? I can get both i think i have a glossey brocheur with those details but not with me now. Why do you ask?
  3. Hello I went to this today at Dunston (Dunstan? Not sure) Hall just to be nosey really. It was PACKED, all seats went with 20mins to go and by the start not everyone could fit into the room standing. Having said that i dont know how many usually go or if it was a smaller room than normal. I only stayed for the first douzen of 43, it got boring. Prices were slow to get going though and of the ones i saw came in at the middle of or very bottom of guide price. And at start had next to no interest but maybe all auctions are like that. One thing i remember is a North city terrace, Ex BTL place got sold for £80k, well it was bid up to £79.5k and the reserve was £80k and so at the end of bodding he asked if bidder would go to that and he did. I thought that was "cheap"! Another much nearer centre of city on Beaconsfield road (I think) went for £95k i think. The best bit (or funniest thing) of the Morning was the auctioneers opening speech, saying a load of things to imply house prices would go up soon, ie US bailing out Fannie and Freddy, ermm THEY WENT BUST YOU MUPPET, thats not positive! And also that stamp duty came down, ermm so? And that interest rates will come down, are you psychic they might go up? (unfortunately he is prob right there though) and that, best bit, there ha been some "confusion" with prices over the Summer but now hopefully things will be clearer, Ermmm, no pal it was not confusing at all, prices were/are coming down at over 1% a month, thats very clear and simple. He told loads of these jokes but i was the only one there laughing. Im not sure the point of this post really, i guess to say prices did/are coming down, but there is a lot of interest still there, and overall people are still talking a good game. Not a lot/if any repossesions yet.
  4. Mixed story here, the house I am sharing (other guy owns it) was put up for sale at the start of the year. It is a terrace off Silver Street North of the city. The house next door sold in November for £145k. Estate agents all valued his at between £140k and £130k. He put it on last week for £135, and it has been sold for that on Friday. So on the one hand, prices are/have dropped, but there are buyers now snapping them up. The guy who bought it is a BTL investor, and hadnt even planned to look at it but was visiting other houses in the area, saw the sign, rang up, and put in an offer all on same day!
  5. Dont do it, its stupidly risky. If you think the banking "crisis" will unwind and everything be OK then buy a selection of the top five, A+L, B+B, Barclays, LloydsTSB, RBS would do it, all are also at multi year lows and these ones yield between 5% to 10% in dividends. If Northern Rock is worth something, so are they, if Northern Rock recovers, so will they. On the other side if Northern Rock is worthless, they may all be worth something still, 5 eggs are better than 1. £25k into just one share ever under any circumstances is a massive risk (unless you have £1m+ to invest)
  6. This might be more anecdotal evidence but did anyone else notice anything about the supplements in last weeks EDP? Thursdays "Jobs" section was 14 pages (down from 30ish in the Summer) Fridays "Property" section was.... 104 pages (a record I think) So if you are looking for a job, your in trouble, but if you want a house to buy there are a record number of sellers out there for you to chose from.
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