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  1. It always amazes me how people post asking for opinions and when they get them (e.g. it's too expensive) they seem to take offense. At the end of the day they've got no right to expect a certain price just because they paid x or contributed x for a deposit. Seems like another who will be trying to sell for 80k in a couple of years when they might be able to get 90k if they bit the bullet now.
  2. I've been renting a Barratt house for the last 18 months (think it was built around 2000) and I've got to say the build quality is shocking. Walls are paper thin and we've had several leaks and other problems with the plumbing. Luckily when things go wrong it's not my problem but there's no way I'd buy one. And why do they not build garages big enough to even fit a small hatchback in there - what's that all about?!
  3. Also have 30k in these to keep my money away from the banks and BTL morons. As has been mentioned the VAT increase and likely interest rises should keep RPI ticking along next year.
  4. Sounds about right - wouldn't it be nice if they represented the interests of the majority of their consituents rather the few who shout the loudest. Ask him how many people would be caught by capital gains above the 10k allowance, all this affecting ordinary people is nonsense.
  5. Emailed last week - reply from the Treasury today... your views will be taken into account blah blah blah. No response from my MP (Tory). Heard Vince on R5 on the way into work this morning and he was still defending the rise and not backing down when the interviewer went down the hard-working people who've saved all their lives and bought a BTL and it's their pension route :angry:
  6. I worked for one of the biggest IT outsourcers in the UK - I recall a senior manager took voluntary redundancy to train as a HIP inspector because of the massive demand for them at the time (2007ish). Oops. Gotta feel sorry for some of these peopl really - the Government sold them up the river.
  7. Last couple of weeks I've noticed a massive increase in the number of price drops (East Midlands). These are in the region of tens of thousands of pounds. Today there was a drop from £345k to £225k. I have put these down to the impending capital gains tax increase and the focussing of minds....
  8. I'm a potential FTB with 70k savings. If I can get a decent 10/15 year fix towards the back end of the year I'll seriously consider buying - especially as the powers that be have made it clear they favour inflation at all costs.
  9. I'm doing the opposite. Just put 15k in premium bonds already got 15k index linked. Soon to put another 15k in premium bons and considering moving my 28k ISA there too. Despite the crap rates my cash is holding its value against falling house prices, there's the 100% guarantee (is it worth the risk putting it in a bank for an extra 1%), but the big bonus is by doing this I get the satisfaction of knowing that banks won't be able to make 100's of thousands of pounds worth of mortgages on the back of my savings (evidence the CML report today).
  10. Hmmm been thinking about where I could move my cash now it's getting pretty much no interest and Northern Rock want to start recklessly lending it out again, Premium Bonds had slipped my mind... might be worth 30k for 12 months until either buying a house or moving it back into a savings account paying 20% interest
  11. I've worked for a few IT outsourcing companies and outsourcing to India is seen as the holy grail. Everything I've ever seen outsourced to India has been a complete disaster! Alas the bottom line is all that counts in these companies and the fact that service nosedives is not important.
  12. Sounds like it's nailed on in the next couple of weeks. Last week it was only a 'theoretical debate' or some such phrase.
  13. Well according to that the BoE need to start increasing interest rates if, as they claim, they target inflation 18-24 months out as it appears to be above target
  14. Wow they really do play hard ball - negotiating a whopping 6% off asking price in a pig of a market! Hats off to them
  15. Maybe a freedom of information request might be in order?
  16. That is my understanding of why inflation is targetted at slighty above 0%. In an ideal world you'd have absolute price stability.
  17. This crisis was caused by reckless lending because all judgement of risk had disappeared, then the bubble popped. Reckless lending was the cause of this mess, it is not the solution.
  18. I guess it depends on the valuations by the surveyors too. Plus the fact there's still no evidence of these Government/tax payer owned banks actually towing the line,
  19. I wonder how lenders will view those gifted deposits. This appears to yet another scam to try to maintain the fallacy that new build properties are worth the inflated asking prices. This is disgraceful - they really are heartless bastards, trying to screw FTB's in this way.
  20. Didn't Keynes say that coutries should run a surplus during a boom and then spend this during a recession? Where's our surplus?
  21. Yeah that's pretty much what I thought - not sure which though and can't ring LA as don't want to give them a heads up that I might be leaving! Confused - anyone else?
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