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  1. +1 So far, we have not seen any "wartime pluck" being drummed up. It has been quite the opposite of the 1939, Keep Calm and Carry On slogan over the last 6 months. The very best with the stacking, but what could happen is that you prepare for Brexit and an emergency extension is cobbled together at the last minute. Tony Blair was pushing for a transistion period extension recently.
  2. The so-called blue passport, ha, ha, ha. Up until the late 1970's the British passport was quality made and blue. Then in the 1980s it went black with a cheapo outer cover, it looks like they copied the colour from the last of non EU passports.
  3. Be a good sheeple and put your mask on without question. Unlike the political elite, shown here in Germany, who are all indoors, next to each other, no social distancing, talking and having a laugh, put on their masks for a photo opportunity and then take them straight off again when the photographer has finished. ?
  4. The WHO were telling us that there was no benefit for healthy people wearing masks in public and evidence suggests masks cause more risks.
  5. ? I have already been abroad this year and now back in the UK. Given the hysteria and panic in London it seems 20% of the population died from COVID-19 whilst I was away. I was in Northern Italy in a red zone lockdown prior to the whole country getting lockdown. The region I was in of 1.7 million people and in 4 months, 960 died from COVID and the average age was 81.4. Everyone lockdown for people who had one or more serious health issues and the Italian doctors were told to put the elderly onto ventilators, destroying their lungs, and incorrect use of anti-inflammatory drugs. A scandal has exploded in Italy about this. Now Italy has had its economy demolished, I hope you will be enjoying the economic depression that is starting in the UK and the EU for COVID-19 that is so deadly that you have to be tested to know that you have had it. Also like in the UK, if someone was, for example, stage 4 cancer with 2 weeks to live and they tested for CV, then they died from the CV. Funny this mystery illness appears and they have a test for it straight away.
  6. The Remain campaign, white middle class types, living in white middle class areas, said if you voted for Brexit in the EU referendum then we would get brown men in dinghies, as the French would not hold them back anymore. It does not matter what political frontman you vote for, you get the brown men in dinghies who are just pawns in the game, just like the 99.9% of the population. I suspect the UK will not leave EU on the 1st January, 2021 and will stay under an extension, cobbled together at the last minute, during the extended national emergency/second lockdown.
  7. I have been reluctant to comment on HPC about the COVID scam, as there are too many posters who just follow whatever the government and MSM says without question or are being paid in some sort of capacity to push and attack anyone who questions the narrative.  That rather unpleasent piece of work Peter Hun I just loathe.

    I prefer to speak to people face to face about the inconsistances of the COVID story,  it is suprising how many people who have realised it is a con or have serious questions about it, as all the restrictions continue to grind on. 

    Yesterday, I took a friend to a hospital appointment to see a doctor about a hernia at a private clinic, the clinic also specialises in lung conditions and there was an elderly lady, who was caughing from time to time, classic emphysema caugh and one could see the mask was uncomortable for her as she sat in the waiting room.  I could see she was concious of keeping the mask on, even though it was restricting her breathing. I said to her that it would best to push the mask down, so she could breath, allowing her to cough and not keep what the body wants to get inside. She was so relieved, that I said that and other people were in agreement and they started pushing their masks down. 

    In March, I was in Northern Italy in a region that became a red zone, prior to the whole country going into lockdown. The region I was in, Le Marche, has a population of 1.7 million and after 4 months the official death toll was 960 people with an average age of 81.4.  So, everyone was locked down and could not go out for exercise, like the UK, only being allowed out for shopping, essential work etc. and to have a self-certified certificate with the reason for being out indicated, to present if stopped by the police.  The fine for being outside without a valid reason was 400 euros. One could exercise a pet dog, but was restricted to 200 metres from home.

    There has been a scandal in Italy about the elderly being killed by the ventilators and anti-inflammatory drugs, being dictated from above on how the doctors had to treat patients.  Just like the UK people got death certificates with COVID, even if they were terminally ill with other conditions, like stage 4 cancer.

    I got back home to London in July and I was expecting things to be not back to normal, but to see the streets so quiet, social distancing signs everywhere, barriers in the roads to make pavements wider, gel dispensers, the Undergound virtually empty, it seemed London had been hit by the Black Death rather than some regular flu.

    There is so much more, I would like to speak to you about this and to hear about your opinion for the economic future, which I see has been destroyed on purpose under the guise of COVID-19. 

    All the best.



  8. At the start of this COVID business the WHO, MSM, governments said masks were more dangerous than not wearing a mask. For example, 8.5 million people in London, cheek by jowl and a lockdown lite and there were not masses of dead bodies. Professor Neil Fergusson who's computer prediction was the reason for the lockdon in late march, broke lockdown rules by having a his lover visit him at home twice, when she lived in another part of London with her husband and kids. He predicted that up to 500,000 could die from COVID-19, so why did break the lockdown - because it is all lies.
  9. +1 Even the makers of these cheapo "surgical" masks have warnings on the boxes that they don't offer protection from COVID-19 (coronavirus), viruses or contaminants. For the mask wearers - did your surgical mask come straight from the sweatshop floor?
  10. ? IMO, Killer Bunny has balls as KB shorted the market by liquidating his position.
  11. Killer Bunny,   I would like to say, I appreciate your postings.    IMO, your market call was excellent and I can see those on the gold thread are going to have to eat mouthfuls of humble pie, washed down with humility beer.

    I am also in agreement with your description of the nonsence lockdown in the - 2UK employment falls by biggest amount in over a decade" thread.

    Very best wishes.

    1. Killer Bunny

      Killer Bunny

      Thk u. Now do us all a favour and post that in I Told You. Let others see I am not alone.

    2. Take Me Back To London!

      Take Me Back To London!

      I will do. I have already replied to Warlord on the the gold thread, where he wrote "You didn't have the balls to short it" - You shorted by selling your position.  WTF is Warlord talking about.  

  12. Yes, it is incredible. I remember that paedo/paediatriacian incident. Thanks for the Guardian link.
  13. If they knock down houses because of an out of control COVID outbreak, do house prices go up or down? New levels of COVID fear porn, hysteria, now published by the Telegraph.
  14. Regarding a tax accountant for advice, to make sure you don't over pay tax, to deal with the HMRI on your behalf etc., instead of doing it all yourself, here is an article by the Which Magazine on the subject with what you should check & look for and what to expect from an accountant. https://trustedtraders.which.co.uk/for-traders/articles/how-to-find-an-accountant Regarding the paper price being realised/it possibly vanishing overnight is true. Another variable in the mix is being house prices with the current situation. All needs careful personal consideration. It is great to hear about your investment story, gold opinion and your wish to buy a home and to have some money left over, which sounds very nice. I wish you the very best and if you can keep us updated.
  15. The worry of having too much money! ? If you wish to seek taxation advice then you would want to contact a tax accountant, not a financial advisor. There are also specialist tax accountants who deal with ex-pats and international matters. Here is information on CGT allowances and declaring CGT profits, minus what you paid etc. For 2020-21 the CGT tax-free allowance is £12,300. https://www.gov.uk/capital-gains-tax If your gold is in UK soverigns or Britannias then it is CGT exempt. I am not an expert. The bank may ask where the money come from ie, income, savings, inheritance, selling of property or an asset etc.. However, it is not unusual as there are big figures being paid in all the time into accounts. All your payments are going to be electronic transfers and you are not going to be turning up at your local branch with a suitcase full of £50 notes.
  16. There were those on HPC, a decade or so ago, who talked about Bitcoin, had already bought into it and promoted it when it was pennies to buy. Where are the HPC Bitcoin billionaires now and what do you do with your billions?
  17. Those were the days thinking soverigns going into 3 figure territory were getting expensive. ?
  18. Worth in real terms? Compared to the Nationwide house price index, quoted on the HPC homepage, and the current pound sterling price for Au the ratio is around 138 toz. or 145 toz in comparison with the Halifax HP index. The ratio hit lows of around 80 in the period 1979-82. This time around?
  19. Interesting to hear about your experiences and story. Thanks for posting. All the best!
  20. It's interesting to hear about the situation in Ireland. However Ireland is in a financial straight jacket by having the Euro and at the mercy of the European Central Bank. If the UK had taken up the Euro we would have had a bigger property bubble by 2008 and a property crash. All we got was a property price blip. Don't you know the UK has forests of magic money trees. In 1970s the Greater London Council bought up private housing projects which were hit by the property crash and I see the same happening again.
  21. +1 I can see there is going to be some seriously distressed asset and property sales. The government could buy completed or partially built, new build developments for social housing and the banksters and corporations buy up property for pennies in the pound. Instead of all the small property landlords making a living from renting, it will pass to the large corporations.
  22. https://www.hattongardenmetals.com https://www.atsbullion.com
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