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  1. Instead of having a sensible course of action a blind panic took hold of the government with Ferguson's flawed compuer modelling saying a worst case scenario could lead to 510,000 deaths and that it would effect the wider population. Current UK estimates are between 0.5% to 0.75 of those who catch CV-19 die of it or with it and 87% of those are over 65 years old and of those again 90% have multiple health issues including the CV. Italy is reporting the average age of those have died of CV is between 80 to 81 years old, so again the young and the healthy have been under house arrest for 2 months and the economy destroyed. Ferguson's over sexed predictions sounds just like the dodgey dossier that said Saddam Hussein had WMDs and they could be launched in 45 minutes if we did not invade Iraq.
  2. I am sure you will get your money back. Have they been back in touch yet?
  3. If CV-19 was that dangerous as Ferguson put forward then he would not have someone around his home who could have it and kill him, not unless it is untrue and he represents other interests and agendas. Another scam like the sexed up Iraq WMDs dossier.
  4. Why worry about a no deal when the BJ regime has thrown the UK economy under a freight train due to the dodgy dossier from professor Neil Ferguson, the chap who pushed for the UK lockdown because of some questionable computer modelling (up to 500,000 dead) and then had his lover visit him at home, at least twice, during the full lockdown when she was living with her husband and children in another part of London.
  5. The cops at Speaker's Corner first hanging around and then arresting free speech protestors were not keeping to social distance rules nor wearing masks and were killing people with their COVID-19 laden breath and contaminated uniforms.
  6. You said nobody takes gold as payment and I gave the example for fiat currency of Lidl only taking the local currency. At an airport one could just put gold sovereigns in a wallet and no need to declare if it is below the 10,000 euro limit and it will not ring any alarm bells, as it would go through the X-ray machine and it looks like just small change. Central Banks don't store, buy and sell gold just for tradition. I don't care what you think esspecially when you quote people like Ben Bernanke who did not even see the US housing bubble, unlike Peter Schiff. Nor do I care if gold becomes or doesn't become a currency used by all,. I am only concerned of having a balanced portfolio of investments and not being mugged by having savings in the building society getting raped by inflation . I won't be responding further to a time waster like you, just like those like you back when gold was a third of its price in GDP and have been proven wrong. It is your arguments that don't add up!
  7. One just exchanges the yellow metal for the local currency. Your argument is invalid. If gold is not money, as per FED chairman why do they store thousands of tons of it under high security?
  8. Just because my local Lidl does not take gold bullion as payment does not mean gold is not real money nor do they take US Dollars either and when I go over to France and shop at Lidl they consider pound sterling as just worthless bits of shiny plastic. "No evidence", in 1939 the USA would not take pound sterling as payment and this country had to pay in gold for war materials as the counter party risk was too high with the threat of a German invasion. All the central banks should just clear out their basements of the yellow stuff as it has no monetary value. 🤣
  9. Why does the government want to know everything about everyone and why should private citizens not have a choice or you just have to submit and accept that you are owned as a trackable assest of the government and have no rights to a private life. I have nothing to hide, but I feel I don't want to show them anything either. They keep tons of secrets from me, so what are they hiding? And the very words from a top drawer Nazi.
  10. Is it me or do those pallated and stacked up bricks look like they are leaning and just itching to fall on his head?
  11. +1 My grandad would only ever have one thing on the HP at a time and nothing of a large amount, since that era, cheap credit has expanded and caused great inflation distortions, like house prices and rents. The banking casino cartels have made a killing in the debt enslavement game.
  12. My grandad could, as a motor mechanic fitter, with his wages pay for the wife to stay at home, 2 children, have a car, pay the rent, trips out every weekend and holidays every year, to have various hobbies, not do without for anything and still save money.
  13. +1 And I thought they were getting expensive when they went over a hundred quid over a decade ago/how much less paper money had become in its purchasing power.
  14. That sounds like the standard lying, piss poor excuse to get off the hook, like the one about British & US military intelligence agencies being fooled by "Curveball" the Iraqi informer who said Saddam Hussein had WMDs and they went to war because of his convincing story.
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