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    Are We On The Edge Of A Great Reversal?

    In the current environment I personally think it's impossible to predict how share prices will pan out, I've gone back and forth in my opinion on the subject a few times this year whilst deciding whether to buy some shares within a stocks and shares ISA or keep waiting in the hope there's a significant step down in price. I don't have a vast amount in the ISA but it's a lot to me so I wanted to give it a lot of thought before deciding. In the end I came to the conclusion there's no way to anticipate how equities will perform over the next few years, especially given the backdrop of very low interest rates and QE, and that perhaps time in the market will end up being more productive than trying to time it. I'm up 4% so far but appreciate that could easily turn to 4% or more down in no time at all. For me the main attraction is the dividends so I've tried to focus on companies with a dividend yield slightly higher that the FTSE 100 average as well as those with a good track record of paying them out. I'm still learning a lot about investing and perhaps this will end up being a costly mistake, I suppose only time will tell.

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