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  1. does look a reasnoble price. Is it the one which usually has a ice cream van in the drive.
  2. It does seem cheap. 1 acre of land in st georges hill would probably be worth that alone without the house on it. If youve got that sort of money worth a look !
  3. Im desperately trying to buy a nearly new freelander at the moment. dispite there being 60 vehicles with exactly the spec I want within 50 miles of me non of them will come down in price. I have emailed them all and at the moment there not even interested in dropping 10%. There doesnt appear to be any for sale privetly and you cant get them at auction. I think they would rather keep them on the forecourt and go out of business than let them go at a discount. I have been offered a new one at a massive discount but the loss is still too much as soon as you drive it away.
  4. loud orrible chavs who can afford to go on the same holiday as me
  5. Offered 550,000 on a lovely house that had just lost their buyer at 640,000 They initially rejected it but came back to me last week and accepted it. I had a couple of days of reflection and decided to go with it. Mrs REB is desperate to buy and isnt to keen on continuing to rent. I however would have sat in my rented house for another couple of years watching the carnage but you cant have everything. Ive done well from this short HPC interlude and Im not usually a lucky man. Knowing my luck if I sat it out Halifax would go bust with all my STR fund in it.
  6. debt free just to re assure you you could never commit the offence of retaining a wrongful credit in the circumstances you describe. The actual money credited must have been obtained by someone by deception or theft etc for this to be relevant If you embark on a spending spree with the money that would be another matter but by merely retaining it you commit no criminal offence.
  7. Im no builder but that looked like it had alot more than 350,000 grand spent on it. for heavens sake they spent 10,000 on the caravan
  8. REB

    Cheeky Offer

    Well Im pleased to report a purchace has been made. It all happened rather quickly and I was caught a bit on the hop. I was having a drink with a friend of mine who is imigrating to NZ. He rather casualy announced that he was selling his nice guards red, Porsche 911/964 carerra 4, 15 years old. and needed to get rid of it post haste. He was intending to ship it to NZ but I think he realised it was a bit of a nightmare. went and picked it up Saturday. what a beast. I cant say Mrs REB is too impressed but you only live once.
  9. REB

    Cheeky Offer

    My gut instinct is that he probably can complete without selling first but wouldnt want it to continue to long. There are loads of people around this area with large amounts of cash to spend and wouldnt need finance One of them bought my house last year. Didnt look like he had 2 pennies to rub together. Turned up in a batterred old car and didnt think twice about offering just south of 3/4 million with no need to sell his current property as he had decided to rent it out. It was all done and dusted in 6 weeks which is why I ended up renting which to be honest wasnt my intention Having ended up in this rather fortunate position Im determined not to blow it. In the last crash I managed to buy a house at the very peak almost to the day and it was 10 years before I brioke even. It never really bothered me as it was a home to bring the kids up and never meant to be anything else. My biggest battle is trying to reign the wife in as she really wants her own nest and is not intending to rent for long If all goes well I can buy a nice house at a reasnoble price, Have enough left over to bung the kids a deposit and buy an old 911, the one with the great big spoiler on the back, always wanted one of those, to drive me and missus down the local for dinner once a week. I reckon 20% drop should do that but as I say Mrs REB aint really buying this HPC yet and Im not sure how long I can hold her back. Anyway good health to you all and a very happy easter
  10. REB

    Cheeky Offer

    I did the same yesterday. Offered 540000 for a property on at 600000 in Surrey The vendor wasnt interested at any offers below 590000. On interrogating the estate agent whilst viewing it appears the Vendor has already exchanged on another property so Im cautiously optomistic they will be coming back to me when the reality of bridging the gap hits. Im a cash buyer in rented property at the moment so could have completed very quickly. Bit of a shame as I liked the house
  11. Nice to see so many off you in the same position in sunny Surrey. Im currently renting in Claygate after selling last summer and I really like the place. I want to buy a 3 bed detached if possible but dont want to pay over £500,000 which currently is a good 20% drop away. Made a bit of a cheaky offer on a nice place in Ripley about 20% under the asking price estate agent wasnt impressed to say the least. I know exactly what you mean about the other halfs. She chomping at the bit to find a new nest and dragging me round overpriced holes most weeks. Not sure how much longer I can hold her off. good health
  12. I made an offer for a house in surrey today. I did alot of research with recently sold prices and put in an offer at 20% below the asking price. Ive got cash and no chain which i thought was a good start. To say the estate agent was pi!@#ed off was an understatement. he ended up arguing with me on the phone saying my offer was insulting and there wasnt going to be any crash in Surrey. needless to say the offer was rejected. he stated the vendor would rather rent it than sell it at that price. We will see. The shame is it was a nice house and the wifes wants her own home again after a period of renting. Ill give it a month or so and see if it sells. The price I offerred was the same as it sold for in 2006 so I didnt think it was that unreasnoble. Good health to you all the sites a great read.
  13. Great thread I sold middle of last year and decided to rent in Claygate and loving it. I will buy at some stage in the next couple of years in this area. looking for a 3 bed detached >550 grand hence it needs to drop 20% or so. Im fairly relaxed about it as im 100% sure its going to happen. In the small close I live 2 or 3 of my neigbours have lost their city jobs since Xmas. I think there is going to be some real problems round here as almost everyone relies on the city for work. keep up the good work. Regards REB
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