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  1. Afternoon all. I have lurked on this site since early 2005, and though I haven't posted much at all, I feel so much respect for the posters on here. You are kindred spirits, and decidedly learned... so, I just had to spill out over this: Mr WhatTheFTB and I have just had one helluva day. We're emotional wrecks, I'm posting on here because... well maybe some of you might understand. We found a house we were interested in last week. Very nice 3-bed semi, great area, only had to borrow 3.5x one of our incomes (at a very good fixed rate for 30 years), once we'd haggled a bit off the asking price that was... We were all ready to go ahead with it today, the mortgage was approved and we were about to hand the forms in and ask for the survey... when we suddenly, inexplicably got cold feet. Everything about this felt affordable, do-able and pretty much worry free... except for the fact that it just.felt.wrong. We have a great deposit saved up, plus money for the costs of moving and the legal business. We also have plenty of disposable income, so we're saving at a speedy rate at the moment (even though we're currently renting a 1-bed flat for the privelege... ). We just felt that although the house was great, it wasn't worth giving up our freedom/disposable income for. Our flat looks out over the sea, and it's in a prime area, and - to be honest - it's pretty darn nice. We've been looking for a house for a while, but when this one came along... We just couldn't do it. When we'd finally decided on this, after hours of stress, dilemma and tears (that's me, not the hubby, BTW. I don't want any of you strapping city-boys calling him a wuss ), we felt like smiling for the first time in four days. Now, I know all you bulls out there will come on and say we've just spent too long on this website (which is probably true ), but we weren't even worried about prices falling further, or rising a bit (since we're saving so fast). We just felt like it was wrong. Are we total cowards, or is there a greater force at work here?? Anyway, I'm not really asking for advice or for slaps on the back (or slaps in the face - c'mon bulls, you know you were thinking about it! 'Missing the boat' 'Best time to buy' blah blah blah... ). I just wanted to share our experience and see if it starts a debate. Probably not though, as none of you lot know who the hell I am! Thanks for reading anyway.
  2. Hello HPC. I'm de-lurking, after (I'm ashamed to say) four years!!! I first logged on to find kindred spirits, and was so relieved to find out that Hubby and I weren't the only ones unable/unwilling to buy a home. Until about two months ago, we were treated like financial numpties by everyone else! We're currently stuck in a 1 bedroom flat, which we rent from (thankfully) a very nice landlord, but it's hard not having our own place. So many times, we've been tempted to buy, but a little voice in our heads said it was not the right time. I guess the main reason I've finally shown my face on here, is that I feel, now more than ever, that the tide has turned at last. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone on HPC (Bull or Bear). Your posts and intelligent debates over the past few years have kept us sane, and - boy - have I learned a lot about economics! Anyway, I'll stop kissing @ss now. Keep up the good work, and I'll see you on the rest of the forum. WhatTheFTB PS - I know my username is really unoriginal. If I've trodden on anyone's toes, or it's a bit close to anyone elses, just give me a kick and I'll change it.
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