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  1. I do have alot of confidence in my employer (I am a below board-level director) but having greater than 60% of my wealth tied up in my employer just seems a bit risky now that I'm a married man with kids. It's the dividends that make it hard for me to sell... they are just so good (6.5%).... now that NS&I index certs are gone the only way the keep up with inflation is to invest on the stockmarket. I dont think I can move my shares into an ISA... we aren't listed on the stockmarket and company stock can only be held by employees (we have an internal transfer market twice a year to buy/sel
  2. Over the years I've accumulated many shares in my employer - around £30K worth. I've also got 10,000 approved share options (at £1 below current share price) which I have to take by 2012 and a SAYE scheme which will mature with £10,000 in 2013 My remaining assets are cash - around £10K in cash-ISA and £10K in savings account My only debt is a mortgage of around £200K @ lifetime tracker of boe base + 1.1% (i.e 1.6%). My LTV is probably around 50% bearing in mind the current house market. Even though my employer is safe (doesnt depend on UK economy and established for over 120 years), and I f
  3. 39, Married with one baby... with twin boys due in January 2011 Was made homeless at 24 (1995) when rented family home was repossesed (landlord didnt pay his mortgage) Picked myself up, crashed on peoples floors and worked for no pay for 3 months as a programmer in a private bank to get work experience In 1999, I bought a 3 bed terrace in a shabby part of Hampton, London for 113K (100% mortgage, no bank of mum and dad for me!), sold that in 2006 for 220K and moved to Bishops Storford and bought a nice 6 bed detached for 328K (managed to negiotiate 50K off asking price). No intention to mov
  4. I have been in this unfortunate situation and can only say you should price the property well ahead of the curve in this market. In my case however, I was not the executor (my uncle was) and he wouldn't listen to me about lowering the price well below what similar properties were advertised for We finally ended up selling 150,000 LESS than the IHT valuation (and it took 18 months to sell). You can claim back the IHT paid on the capital loss though, using form IHT38
  5. 37, Married with 1 newborn. Born in gutter with a childhood and teenage years of no phone (landline or otherwise), no holidays, no car, no heating ("wear another jumper"), home made clothing living in a damp rented 1 bed flat in London. Mums rented flat was repossessed in 1995 (landlord failed to pay mortgage) and Mum, my sister and I was made homeless In desperation worked for no pay (except tube fare) for a private bank as a programmer for 3 months to gain work experience and, after hard work, was rewarded with a 6 month contract for £450pw (not bad for a 24 year old back in 1995). Worke
  6. Hi All, New member, but long time lurker (over 12 months!) My background is mid-30's, married no kids yet, working in the City (Marine Insurance), living in East Herts (tho' born and bred in Chiswick, London W4) - bought our house in Q1 2006 by selling both our pre-marital properties (wife bought her house in North West England in 1994 and I bought a house in Hampton, London in 1999). I guess you could say we've done well with HPI over the years (having *originally* bought in at the right time) - however I knew HPI couldn't last so made sure our new home is all we need to ride out the comi
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