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  1. The company that I work for are owned by Cookson. Cookson are now on phase 3 of their plan to survive the recession. Phase 3 included yet more redundancies and site closures. This was all explained to us in a meeting about 3 weeks ago using 'powerpoint' so the stupid people could understand that we're in the sh*t. I asked the question, "Is there going to be a phase 4?" I was assured by the MD that there wasn't a phase 4 in place as far as he knew. That either means he was lying, there actually isn't one or we'll just go t*ts up if it gets any worse. I think it might have just got a bit worse.
  2. Hi GOM, good to see you back. I know you've been back for a while but haven't had the opportunity to reply on a subject til now and I can't PM. I don't quite know how the people at Teeside feel right now but I'm scared. Peoples lives will be turned upside down just because of what? Over priced housing? Greed? I'm not sure I can put it down to one thing. I get angry when I think about it so try not to. I'm going to buy some beans and rice today, sell my car and bike everywhere (won't get far though cos I don't like going up hills).
  3. Don't worry, they can all go to the job centre and get retrained as....................well what do people retrain as? If I lose my job I have lab experience and relevant qualifications but the only jobs near me are caring jobs (min wage) or teaching jobs (retraining) and thats about it. I live in an area of high unemployment and lack of industry. Teeside will be the same along with alot of other areas. What can you retrain as? A cleaner for Mr Clown seems to be the best option.
  4. I work for a company that supply refractory consumables for the steel industry. We have already closed 2 sites in the UK and made numerous redundancies. As I work in R&D we haven't felt the impact too much yet, however, this could be the final straw. We have had an email from the MD this morning basically saying that he can't say , yet, what this will mean for our remaining UK operations. F*ck, I'll get me coat.
  5. Sainsbury's basic mushrooms rose from £1.36 to £1.99 the other week. Back down to £1.60 something. Aubergines we 99p each, now £1.18. I'm going to have to curb my aubergine addiction and switch to something cheaper.........like cocaine!
  6. They could do this but any change in supplier for RM's in products manufactured in Europe have to be approved by R&D first. They could just do away with this policy though. Its just a waiting game now. They employed 3 'lean directors' to help with the changes they have just implemented. I wonder how much they are getting paid?
  7. Thanks for the positive response. They are looking into cost saving on Raw Materials, which they will need us for as we will have to do trial batches etc. I think all this doom and gloom is rubbing off onto me. When your director is an accountant though I dont know if they look at the future, just now. Bit like the bubble that has just burst, just the wrong people have got covered in the spaff from the bubble bursting.
  8. The company I work for is owned by Cookson and they have closed 3 of our sites in Europe. We now have 2 sites left in the UK , both in the East Midlands. Its interesting that when we received our pay slips this week that we had a note attached saying that our annual increase wasnt in Januarys pay packet but a decision was being made and they would back date any pay increases to Jan. After reading the statement from Cookson, it says that there will be a pay freeze for the 1st half of 2009. I'm not suprised but just fed up of all the bullsh*t. The statement also says it will close other facitlities if they have to. I work in R&D. We are an expensive unessecary departmet as we dont make any profit (in the accountants eyes) so I imagine we will be the 1st to go mid year. Just annoys me that I will get no state help with my rent etc cos I think we have too many savings (£20K) that we have to put down as a deposit. We'll have to spend that and not buy anything cos we wont have a deposit. I have suggested buying a safe and securing it in the loft and putting all our cash in there but the OH thinks its a daft idea. I can't help but feel a bit sick cos of all the uncertainty. Maybe I'm too sensitive.
  9. This morning's update is that we are also shutting down sites in the USA and Mexico. In total we are losing 500 people worldwide. Again, it may not sound much but we are losing people with experience and knowledge. Its ok though because they have restuctured the marketing section (no redundancies here) cos this will get us through the recession!!!! F*ck wits Maybe that was a bit harsh but they can have as many people as they like going out into the market to try and sell the products but when they need technical advice, who are they going to ask?
  10. Update from the East Mids. We have just had an announcement that 3 of our refractory production sites are going to be closing and the manufacturing of these products will be rolled out to other sites within the business. I don't think we are manufacturing anything much at the moment. 170 to go at our plant in Scotland, the other 80 are in other countries in Europe. It doesn't sound much, I know but it still affects alot of people. I still have my job for now but for how much longer, I dont know. Any updates on steel production Cells?
  11. Hi Mitchbux, I'm currently working just off J30 of M1. Our production site is in Chesterfield. We do have production sites in Scotland,Poland, Belgium everywhere basically and they are all feeling the effect of the current situation. They keep banging on about hopefully getting new orders in the new year but if we dont then I dont know what will happen. I did live in a small village that has a motorway services named after it but have now moved to a village nr Worksop to be with my other half. I must say that Chesterfield is a nicer town centre. Maybe I'm bias though. Do you work in North Derbyshire?
  12. I'm currently living near Worksop and there is a Polish shop in Worksop. Maybe the Polish people of Worksop go to the Polish shop rather than supporting a major chain. Mind you, they like the cheap vodka Tesco sell. Won't pay the price we pay for Zubrovka. (I have this information from a reliable,vodka drinking, Polish work colleague).
  13. You are a customer of ours. We had a meeting last week about the share price of our company. Its gone from about 750 to 74 (last week) since July. We were warned about steel production being down over the next 6months. Don't know if we will survive. Better start looking for a cheaper house to rent then. Thanks Cells for the info.
  14. I work in the refractories industry (R&D) so the company I work for supply refratory products to the steel/iron/aluminium etc producers. Both of our UK manufacturing sites are now on a 4 day week. They have told us we have to take holidays so they can shut the head office for longer over the Christmas period (saves on heating etc). Don't know what will be happening in the new year. They have asked for voluntary redundancies. I've only worked there for 3years so not much good to me. It seems all the industries I've worked in have been deminishing in the UK over the years (textiles/pharmaceutical). If I do get made redundant then I'm not sure what to retrain as,what industries are left? Did fancy the deli counter at Sainsbury's. Don't suppose the OP can say Who they work for and how long the blast furnace will be down for? Might give me an idea as to whether we'll have any orders for refractories when we get back in the New Year. Your company probably dont buy anything from us anyway. Doesnt help that the other half works at the same place as me. We have our deposit to live off for a few months but then prob wont beable to save it up again.
  15. I can confirm that the 2 properties that are up for aution in Worksop are in some of the roughest areas. I must say that I dont think there is a nice area in Worksop. Well, I havent found it yet but these 2 houses are in rough villages of a rough area.
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