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  1. +1 and the last in line is very aptly named, instant coffee is an abomination! However it ommits my prefered brew, the Cafe Francais/ Franchesca which is espresso plus water in equal proportions, less dilute than Americano but suitable to sip at a table as opposed to drinking in one hot caffine (& sugar) laden gulp at the bar.
  2. I think it's called inflation! I'm not saying that is a good thing but it is always attractive to the indebted and given that the government is also indebted... N.B. 'Inflation' is used in the simplistic sense as per the 1970's not in the more exact economic sense as discussed in many threads passim
  3. You can often find the old style kilner jars at boot sales. Lakeland sell the rubber seal rings. Makes home made chutney look really special for little extra cost (and ask for the jar back with the promise of a refill)
  4. Similar topic in the Mail Finally the mood in the MSM is turning bearish (Express excepted )
  5. Nothing really new but good to see the a bearish article on this blog Link to article & comments
  6. Followed your procedure and the bee is back! Thank you
  7. The idea goes back to the 19th Century. These institutions were known as 'Terminating' as opposed to 'Permanent' Building Socities. I'm sure someone can find an appropriate logo..
  8. You used to be able to buy something like that to sharpen razor blades. The idea was that the pyramid energy would realign the metal atoms and regererate the cutting edge
  9. For the Land Registry April 2009 £152,898 April 2010 £165,596 +8.3% April 2011 £163,083 -1.5% Different again, but your prediction matches the LR 2009 low.
  10. Telegraph - Nationwide: house prices perk up in May But there are some sensible comments as well
  11. I've just watched the first episode (long lunch hour ) in iPlayer, it has many interesting ideas to contemplate, even if not all are justified by the evidence presented. I've not thought of the Orwell parallel for Ayn Rand before, but it's interesting. One major difference is that Orwell is supremely readable! FWIW I've often though her basic philosophy has a lot in common with Crowleys 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law' and Nietzsche's superman/will to power.
  12. Not much longer before the NE regional average goes below £100K. IMHO when this happens people will start to wake up to the fact that prices can, do and must go down
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