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  1. That's a bit unfair - one of me and over 30 people disagreeing with me. I would need a lot of time to keep up! Unfortunately the market is still ticking over nicely so I have lots to do. Things aren't as busy as they were, but the fact is there are fewer available properties as well in any given price bracket/area. So I see transaction numbers going down, but prices staying up.
  2. Sure prices are dropping in Detroit and other economically bombed-out places, but I haven't heard of the Manhattan house price crash, have you??
  3. I've been reading this site for a while and thought it was time to introduce myself. I am an EA for one of the major chains (not saying which!) and I work in the South London area. I think next year may see stagnation in the market, but the fact is that the City will be seeing another year of huge bonuses and there are no signs of any lay offs. The credit crunch is only affecting a minority of bankers and the rest are still pulling in the dough for their firms and themselves. Not to mention the lawyers who are as busy as ever. The fact is that most people in London have not really been ove
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