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  1. A great essayist from the right wing. All his stuff is worth reading. http://blog.skepticaldoctor.com/
  2. Needed a good laugh. The game's up now. BoE - Keynsians to the very end.
  3. Short term pain - long term gain old boy.
  4. Me too Headrow. Pension is 100% Cash. It seems obvious to me that Bernanke and CBs are mad, because they are doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. The debt-consumption model is at the end of the road. We've reached saturation point.
  5. Typical first day of month euphoria in stocks. See the excellent Yelnick blog for more. Sep is the worst month of all 12 for stocks. Have put much of my pension in to cash. Markets way too febrile, moves of almost 3% in a day are indicative of a violent move up or down. I'm expecting down. Housing data is dire both sides of pond. As both UK and USA rely on this for debt based consumption (and thus grwoing GDP) I am wary of any sudden reversal of fortune.
  6. Same in MoneyWeek latest issue, they had a whole group of them all saying "fill your boots with UK equities, cos the recovery is here!" What nonsense. The debt/consumption model for "growth" is over. As the great Schiff said we need to save for investment and produce things. And for those that say we can't compete with Asia, we slap tariffs on these goods that are made in labour camps, spewing crap into the environment. £20 for a DVD player? That's immoral.
  7. Is that population growth based on life expectancy? What's this about infertility, heart disease, morbid obesity? Britons! Keep eating and watching tv!
  8. English Heritage are the tools of our time "Oh you can't use plaster board on that Georgian ceiling - it must be lathe and plaster with Suffolk Punch horsehair reinforcement" Ass hoools the lot of them
  9. Feng Shui of course! LOL. These jokers still send out a poly-wrapped magazine telling us how wonderful they are - particularly on their recycling. The irony is of course lost on them.
  10. Description: Spatial Planning Manager required to deliver excellent services to the people of wycombe district in line with the Council's vision, values, resources, strategic and service priorities. You will lead and manage the Spatial planning service in order to deliver the Council's strategic and service objectives. You will also advise members, partners and staff on. matters relating to the functions policies and services of Spatial Planning. Must have experience of team management within the areas covered by Spatial Planning within a diverse organisation. You must be educated to a Degree level or equivalent. You will have the ability to lead, motivate and challenge others to achieve service objectives. Oh it pays up to £54,000 pa. 35 hour week, 25 days hols, pension.... http://jobseekers.direct.gov.uk/detailjob.aspx?sessionid=4743883a-3104-4be7-a0eb-11bc0852c480&pid=1&j=HWY/28190
  11. Hindenberg? Death cross? Double dip with extra flake?
  12. Just proves the dead cat bounce we had from late 09 to June 10 (Dr Bubb on the money there) - vendors sold at buoyant prices. Now all I read is of continued credit contraction and EAs are doing v little business.
  13. Quote "Buying and selling property is a driver of the UK economy" Of course! Not making things exporting them and employing skilled workers...damn his eyes. Interview about Govt review of house price indices - why they are so useless. Today's business section 20 August 2010 - go in 15 mins for interview. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qj9z
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