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  1. I have never seen such a load of [email protected] as I have done on this site. I am a first-time buyer, and I am struggling to get on the property ladder. So it is very much in my interests for the housing market to 'crash'. But the truth is that no-one knows what the housing market is going to do. Yes, it may go down a little bit in the short term, yes it may go down a lot in the medium term, yes it might continue to go up. Nobody knows. That's the point. What I do know however is that this site is (in my opinion) targeted at one thing, and one thing only - predicting a major house price crash. So much so that indications to suggest that the housing market is not going to crash are largely dismissed, or not even mentioned in the first place. Any decent site would be balanced, and would offer material in a manner that weighs out the pros, and the cons, of any particular argument or point of view. Any site which starts off with the objective of proving one thing alone (a house price crash in this instance) is off to a false start. In my view, the contents and purpose of this site is nothing but to inflict doom and gloom on those who are already on the housing ladder, and to mislead and give false hopes to those who aren't. And those who regularly post on this site with the same targeted views are just as naive and blinkered as the editors. Get a life people - stop feeling sorry for yourselves, find something to be optimistic about, and stop inflicting your armageddon doom and gloom on the rest of us. (And I bet my views above are vetted and not even posted on the site in the first place)
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