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  1. You are paying for a steady increase in technology. The Donkey Kong game you buy today is not the SAME DK game from 25 years ago... (unless you are my mum buying her grandkids "the latest" must have tech... ;-)
  2. How about this for a sign: Perform in Property with Steve Backley & Roger Black I know you all want to secretly sign up
  3. After years of neglecting the north in everything from tourism to restaurant reviews, for the last few months, and almost weekly, The Sunday Times (property section) has run "love-in" pieces about the north. This week it was Liverpool, ramping the city's BTL potential, but also praising it as a place to live, work and invest. Other recent articles have lavished comment on the affluent suburbs of Manchester. There is certainly a new message being pushed out!
  4. Interesting that many people (presumably not employed by Sky) refer to certain Kodi add-ons as "illegal" when in fact no-one seems to know for sure whether it is or not. Sure, I understand that hosting or broadcasting copyright material has stepped over the mark, but receiving such, and crucially, not creating a permanent copy / file seems pretty grey to me. I would compare it to standing outside a cricket stadium in August listening to a Beyonce gig (insert other artists as appropriate) without having paid for a ticket. Is this illegal too?? There have been dodgy Sky boxes doing the rounds for decades now, and I have not heard of a single person being dragged through the courts for watching an "illegal" episode of The Sopranos. Surely with the might of the media outlets behind them, Sky (News International) would have been shouting any such cases from the rooftops in order to scare the bejesus out of anyone considering it...?
  5. Just trying to find info on a house that was on the market back in 2013 (discussed on here) and stumbled across this beauty...Well, only 2.5 years into "my prediction" - lets see how I'm getting on... Not that I'm one to gloat, but just wondering if "Bemusedmover" has been to Altrincham market hall on a Friday or Saturday night recently (and seen the ripple effect of success seeping out around it). What about Goose Green...? Tiki Bar is packed most weekends and still not seen / heard of any trouble yet. Perhaps seen any of the great little startup's appearing on the railway bridge over to Tesco. Had a coffee in the Little Deli Co, then seen a flyer for the Elk of Hale (paid for from the success of previous)? Well I have done all of this...without a bodyguard... and lived to tell the tale that it was great! Roll on the next 7 1/2 years
  6. You are right. Very, very difficult to create a perfectly humidity-neutral environment. Need the right balance of tanking, ventilation and heat. Probably heat recovery extract units unless you want huge utility bills. I have had cellars that seemed dry and habitable, but still cultivated dampness / mould in paper items, fabric, leather shoes etc
  7. Anyone seen any evidence the old Spice Lounge in Hale might re-open as "Raka" soon? They did a load of PR some months ago for a planned opening in November, but I haven't seen any evidence of work
  8. Had a quick look on the Planning portal... think its this (89 Hale Rd) Erection of 2 no. 2-storey dwellings with accommodation at basement and roof level and vehicular accesses off Hale Road following demolition of existing dwelling. Noticed another property nearby has had its gable end demolished. On a side note, heard the other day a B-street property that had been gutted and refurbished by cowboys is now falling down... along with the two houses next door... cellar had been converted and they had undermined foundations / party wall
  9. A white box at risk of partial demolition every weekend if a careless driver flies off the road into the lounge wall
  10. So much wrong with THAT patronising Halifax advert... Shot in the rain, the only black man, hints of abuse on the touchline from parents, ball hitting him on the head, van breaking down Painting the main protagonist as this poor, down trodden man of the people who Halifax "rescue" in their warm, brightly lit, welcoming, high street branch at the end The fact is that Halifax would be offering a PE teacher with a kid on the way next to nothing for a mortgage. Anywhere near London and he'd be thrown out of the front door like the Fresh Prince of Bellair
  11. Fantastic Was hoping for a cool Shoreditch style takeaway.. Caribbean chic or some such... I look forward to walking past and seeing two bored blokes with gelled hair and the token "trophy agent".
  12. Anyone heard any rumours about what The Raj is being turned into in Hale? Can't believe we have lost 2/3 of the local curry houses in a matter of months
  13. Anyone got any recent anecdotals about the local market? Met a couple in Piccolinos last week who had just bought near Grove Lane, and said the competition was crazy. Think they said house eventually cost them £35k OVER the inflated asking price.
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