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  1. Think I'll hold - not paid above $700 or silver $11. Buy on the dips and don't trade
  2. We'll have hit Euphoria when every man and his dog steams in. Cabbies will be advising you which juniors to buy. Nice moves up yesterday on EDR and GPR. Edited to add: Wow a whole 9000 posts in 12 months - the general public really have got to grips with precious metals!
  3. I've been investing in gold and silver for a couple of years. The juniors are cheap relative to the metals price but you need to do your research - have a look on GEI http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/ there's a wealth of information. Most people start with investing in the metal itself. I originally invested in physical as the ETF's weren't trading. The problem you face is that metal price has risen but the real value is in the juniors - as a novice I wouldn't recommend steaming straight into the Venture exchange. A good way is to pound cost average into the ML Gold and General fund - so if the price falls you buy more units. For the record my current junior favourites are GPR, GBS, IPT & EDR. I hold others on AIM but Canada is the place to be - TD Waterhouse can trade all these stocks.
  4. You've answered your question - this bull market has still got legs! We haven't hit the Euphoria stage - accumulate. Plenty of value in the junior miners as they haven't followed the bullion price up yet.
  5. You've obviously been reading too many Sven Hassel novels
  6. Let's hope so (I do - hence the name) - if you don't agree buy gold and hedge your bets
  7. Me too - even happier with my VAT free silver eagles and maples
  8. Agreed - we haven't reached the mania stage yet. Silver underperformed gold during 2007 - I will top up below $14. Also good value amongst some of the Canadian silver mining juniors - I shall be investing in the next few weeks. Edited to add: The following are on the shopping list - all mentioned by Frizzers (see his Moneyweek article) / David Morgan / Finanacial Sense Gold Show: Endeavour (EDR) Great Panther First Majestic Impact Esperanza All on the TSX - not for widows and orphans
  9. Yes - but recently sold some at £11 and invested in Royal Gold. This is a royalty company trading in the US - currently looks undervalued at around $31. Still heavily invested in G&G.
  10. Good move! Look at silver miners too. Good silver thread on GEI.
  11. Oh aye lad - born and bred there too. My advice stay clear - buy silver (or gold). I've worked on a lot of the flat developments - most sold to out of towners or more recently (and more worryingly) housing associations.
  12. The War on Terror is the phoniest of them all. Far more soldiers/police/civilians killed by the PIRA although the military are shedding a lot of blood in Iraq and Afghanistan today. PIRA was a much greater threat to the mainland than Al Queda ever have been and npow the Chuckle Brothers rule in Stormont :angry:
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