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  1. Talk about manipulating statistics! If you want to go down the futile route of comparing crime statistics let’s take your example of 'Violence against the person', 'Robbery offences' and 'sexual offenses' (per 1,000 population) respectively for the following London boroughs: Croydon (20.5), (4.1), (1.2) Ealing (25.0), (4.4), (1) Lambeth (28.6), (8.0), (1.8) Hammersmith and Fulham (28.6), (3.9), (1.3) Southwark (32.6), (7.2), (1.5) Croydon is not without its problems but statistically does not suffer worse crime rates than other COMPARABLE boroughs. It really depends on which part of Croydon we are talking about - it is a large place.
  2. I would take abidxxx’s apocalyptic rabble with a large pinch of salt and frankly am surprised that you would take something written in such a tone at face value so I am assuming irony in this statement. Croydon is very large area - poorer and urban to the north and west, and more open, leafy and suburban to the south and east. Like ANY borough in Greater London some of the suburbs have social problems but to single Croydon out as being worse than any other is without foundation. I live in Croydon (Addiscombe) with my wife and it is a nice place to live. Lower Addiscombe road may lack trendy bars and restaurants but it has a good butcher, green grocer and fishmonger. There is certainly nothing “edgy and nasty” about where I live - leafy and neighbourly perhaps a bit suburban for some (perhaps for me a few years ago). I am from London and have lived in more ‘desirable’ areas in the past but I am more than happy with the trade off of a fantastic large house that we couldn’t afford in other areas.
  3. All this back slapping is well and good but the call was made far too early. This site has been recommending people STR since 2004 and earlier. That looks like bad advice to me but speculating on property is a volatile business. The morass of city centre new build flats are indeed plummeting in value (as they have for been some time) but desirable homes in desirable locations are being more resilient. You jumped the gun with calling the crash - now we have started the crash I think you are again jumping the gun as to where it will end.
  4. Did you really expect sensible answers? Ok there are exceptions but posting a 'should I buy' thread on this forum is a little daft don't you think? It is hardly a bastion of impartiality. They will talk it down until they see the £££ signs (especially the STR's) then talk it up again. This forum is fueled by hypocrisy, greed and self interest.
  5. Actually this is a very good point. Those with STR funds are property speculators, just as BTL investors are - although they have not paid tax on their profits. Their main goal is to see property prices fall so they can buy back again at the bottom and reap the benefits. For all their grandiose words, an STR speculator doesn't care about the affordability for the FTB or prices returning to 'fair' levels. They want to buy better and bigger at a lower price and make even more money from property. I don’t have a problem with this – it is a perfectly sensible thing to do. What I do have a problem is with the sheer hypocrisy that is spouted on this site driven by indulgent self interest. So let’s say a 20% tax on all STR funds. I think that is fair sum for making money from the country by doing absolutely nothing.
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