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  1. Agreed. It's being hit by a meteorite that scares the poo out of me. Q
  2. Could we at least use the correct euphemism which I believe is "load shedding". South Africa had the joys of that over the past few years also because of a short-sighted energy policy. Q
  3. Gordon could always paraphrase Bush's response to the Iran Air Flight 655 downing. It all seems a bit one way with regards to almost everything. Q
  4. Indeed - being an Uber-bear seems to earn you an infinite amount of street cred but mutter anything vaguely bullish and you're labelled as a troll! Q
  5. Hmmm...lot's of HPC buzzwords and TLA's in there. Q
  6. Quoth


    Directors seem to have been buying shares like lunatics over the past couple of days... Q
  7. Looking at today's price you timed it rather well! Q
  8. Plastics? Luxury! We need to take ours to the recycling point at the local Tesco! This is one of my major beefs with the recycling our council offers. Surely if the aim is to reduce the amount of rubbish going into landfill you should try and target the most persistent waste types not only those that have reclamation value? Q
  9. Perhaps we wouldn't have the debt problem we currently do if high street lenders were able to pursue debts more 'vigorously'. Q
  10. Quoth


    Hi all, Notice RBS has taken a bit of a pounding this morning (down circa 15%). Any opinions offered as to whether they are worth taking a punt on or is this the start of a protracted downturn? Q
  11. Well done that even-toed ungulate! Good result. Q
  12. Roll around in the filthy lucre when you do sell? Q
  13. I should add that I sold in September 2007. I did occassionally browse the forum but the articles on the newsblog convinced me that things were going to turn. I subsequently purchased a much bigger house early this year having rented for 18 months. Happily settled in a house three to four times the size of the place I sold, purchased at less than double what I sold the old place for. More carnage to come but I'm a happy bunny. Q
  14. If they appeared tedious why did you persist? Q
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