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  1. "This is it in a nutshell. I am not too sure if its some existential crisis I am having, but I have a birthday coming up and think I've got enough, I don't need or hanker after anything." I've been like this most of my adult life. I've had to make myself do everything by getting myself into a position where other people expect things of me, like wife and kids, otherwise I wouldn't have done jack sh1t! There's prolly something wrong with me but most of the time I cannot understand why people do anything at all!
  2. Aaaawww come on Count you've been here long enough to know the conclusion to that and all charts on HPC is WE IS FOOKED!!!!
  3. In that case you're defo doing the right thing! Well done for sticking with it through the highs and lows.
  4. I don't know if you have kids but isn't having a secure unmortgaged roof over their heads more important than your principles? it would be to me.
  5. I was talking about the 'atomic swap' bit. If cryptos can be exchanged directly, non centralised, then demand for btc may go down? I haven't a clue just not heard of these atomic swap jobbies before!
  6. Reading the comments from that article I came across this: Cripto Expert December 18, 2017 at 8:20 pm As soon as Atomic swap start,(Vertcoin,Groestlcoin,Cardano etc..)Bitcoin is going to retirement,only reason why bitcoin is holding price is because you need to buy BTC in order to change to other coins on exchange..BTC is mostly control by miner monopols from China holding more than 50% of bitcoins,but that is gonna be solved with Vertcoin and Groesltcoin coz they have implemented Asic resistance protocol which stop big mining pools and more focus on single mining with one graphic card…new criptos like cardano, call it 3rd gen criptos are going to be used worldwide and plp are going to jump the ship soon..Bitcoin and litecoin is going to be replaced by Vercoin and Groestlcoin and Etherium with Cardano.. Ripple is made by goverments and banks to have some control over plp,coz ledger is centralized…Thats my opinion but time is gonna show.. What do the experts here think?
  7. FREDERICO - 'I mean 'mining' coins by burning electricity, how stupid is that. Basically do some calculations, produce a number and that has a value' I thought that was because electricity and use of the computer have value- no? .
  8. Isn't the reality that gen x,y millennials etc etc(generation rent) all make the calculation that they will eventually inherit their boomer parents property wealth and therefore they continue to rent until they get given a house. They may well be thinking 'its in the bag I've just got to wait for it, so I don't want prices to go down either, so I'm on the governments side' and carry on playing the game. Maybe its just us on HPC that don't have any property wealth to inherit and so don't have a way out. I think we should do a vote to see how many on here do. Society has changed. People not getting married, not having kids, moving around a lot - gathering 'experiences'. I don't know how all this came about but it does kind of all fit together in some dystopian way.
  9. Does this include remortgages? If so then the normal rate of remortgage could be around the 5000 a month mark and therefore no more actual growth happening?
  10. "In terms of lessons learned, I think you've mentioned them all. Strong password, 2FA (not using phone no.) and your own cold storage / hardware wallet ready to receive your coins as soon as you buy them" I am a middle aged computer unsavvy bloke who doesn't know what 2FA or cold storage /hardware wallet are: should I ever bother trying to get on the coin moonshot?
  11. Completely agree, however the only politician to ever say this with any conviction is never going to be elected. I might vote labour anyway. Kind of a spoilt ballot in my neck of the woods!
  12. Agree with all of this however I keep reading that top 5% of earners in this country pay 28% of total income tax. And also that if we were to tax the 1% properly it would not actually amount to that much money. I think its the multi national corps that need to be taxed.
  13. "My focus has been on people on average incomes trying to buy an average home. There is obviously a link between the top end of the market and the bottom end ... and, as with any tax change, in time, it's important to keep it under review. But it’s not a decision for this department” he told Prisk and other MPs on the committee. The purpose of the meeting was to examine Javid’s department’s Housing White Paper, released earlier this year; the Communities Secretary reiterated his belief that a situation such as today’s, where the ratio of average house prices to average household income was approaching a record high of 8.0, meant that we were in ‘a broken market’. Referring to the General Election, Javid told committee members that “anything we say today is as representatives of the current government and anything a future government does may change.” https://www.estateagenttoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2017/4/stamp-duty-no-change-imminent-predicts-communities-secretary I thought this was interesting from another thread. Sajid Javid and May have been repeating this 'broken market' line and they recognise the disconnect with wages. I think they are actually on the case! Can they pull a masterstroke like S24 did to BTL to get wages in line with prices?
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