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  1. Apologies if this has already been mentioned, please feel free to delete merge as req'd. Just spotted this in the FT at lunchtime... Particular listings "Rightmove....about to float etc etc.... ... has come under attack from an unusual quarter - another website devoted to the downfall of the Uk housing market. Housepricecrash.co.uk has complained to trading standards officers and th Uk listing authority about some erroneous figures that ahave appeared on Rightmove, such as £110m housein Yate and a £5m studio flat in Cheshire. Perhaps, the group hint, these have helped to create the illusion of a bouyant housing market ahead of the Rightmove IPO. This is rhubarb says Rightmove. Not only does the group filter out any erroneous figures when calculating its monthly data, but it also has no reason to manipulate the market. Its turnover comes from subscriptions from estate agents, which do not depend on the number of homes or their asking prices.
  2. http://au.biz.yahoo.com/060220/18/jtji.html
  3. If you act quick you might get some of this in the Ruffer Total Return fund which will be soft closed 3/1. I am looking at insight diversified for next years ISA. DYOR of course.
  4. I found it in Japan when I went back last November though it was the exception rather than the rule. There will be some comical exchenages in Fortnum & Mason over the coming months. And the effect on house prices will be....
  5. I also got vertigo last week and sold at a decent profit. I'm still confident that metals are going up but it makes sense to cash in now and then.
  6. Indeed. It took the Major government to accept that the UK was in recession - they used some other euphemism for years IIRC.
  7. Lets hope so - they've had a good bout of this in Japan for the last decade and trust me having lived there it is infectious!
  8. Wife is Japanese so happy to wait until it makes sense. I can wait as long as I can keep finding rentals that make financial sense...
  9. Took a wrong turn out out town the other day and ended up round there...I cannot see anyone sane having a look at the area in daytime and paying the sums they are asking. Anyone looked at the ones going up literally directly on top of the inner ring road near the LGI and make sense of that? Perhaps we lack 'vision.'..?
  10. LOL! Imupnorth please contune its interesting to see any local news good or bad! I know you are near Tadcaster, any town with a shop called Tad-kebab cannot sustain those sort of prices surely. (Is it still there?)
  11. This thing on Channel 4 now is quite the most obnoxious load of twaddle I've yet seen. If you invest in a shed in Slovenia in 10 years it would be worth 310K... How can they get away with this drivel? If anyone treated any other 'investment' this way - well, they couldn't and certainly wouldn't have an hour devoted to it on primetime TV..
  12. I have been watching this on and off and put off acquiring some in November as I wanted to look into the constiuents a bit more deeply. As this shows, I have a hideous record of buying things at the wrong time (or not buying in this case.) Price is currently around 153p, highest level.. Now, the NAV is still some 20% over the share price; but I see the whole things has had a good run over the last month. Does anyone think it is due for a pullback, or as I am going to be in for the medium term - just dive in?
  13. Wow. I Think that jump going into administration is a huge indicator of the state of things in Yorkshire - while they don't have a big presence in central Leeds they are prominent out of town.
  14. Have you got a link? - very interesting..
  15. All music to my ears. My local community has been decimated by shared housing for students, now with these regulations (if they are as repressive as TTRTR deems them- and even if they aren't given the disgraceful state of some of the renatl stock in Leeds they could be very damaging...) this combined witht the changes in student loans meaning a massive decrease in numbers of tenants, the future suddenly looks more promising.
  16. Agreed. Leeds is still in stasis - though have the feeling new instructions are coming on cheaper than a few months before. Mind you, it will be a while for economic sense to filter down to the plebs around here. Roll on 07 Q4 when I'll reevaluate things.
  17. Yeah, not sure on this - is it as someone else mentioned in another thread that the cash in hand brigade will be found out? How much are these things going to cost exactly? (I would personally like to see LL responsible for Council Tax, perhaps this is a step toward that.)
  18. Have seen JPY fall to 207 for the first time in my memory. Good time for me to buy those Japanese CD's I've been putting off for a while but cannot think of a concrete reason why this should happen now? (Mind you I couldn't think of a reason when it was at about 160/pound around the end of the dotcom bubble either so what do I know...
  19. Round by the Palace - yeah, not too sure about that area! Love to see the cretin in the telegraph article lose its shirt - seems he really believes the hype about Leeds as a :financial centre: - I suppose if you repeat it enough in the Evening Post property section it becomes true...
  20. Other than getting a rubbish rate, then having a fair amount of difficulty putting the notes into the account itself, probably not. Try xe.com for fx exchanges.
  21. But if markets were cricket- japan is just coming out to bat first innings and still seeing off the awkward new ball. No real idea about new Europe etc but assume they have had a good knock...
  22. As someone to wohm looking at £250K is just $ank mag territory I say take comfort. If plankton down here ain't stupid enough to snap on the t%rds being offered in my range in Leeds, neither will bigger mackerel further up the pyramid.
  23. Spot on article - but why did it take so long to appear?
  24. Actually interestingly the non-secured thing is more a phenomenon of post bubble Japan - where the economy has gone t*ts up the loan companies (non-banks) have taken up the pominnent positions in the high streets). Companies like "Aifuru" and numerous other other (probably Yakuza backed/enforced) 29.9% loan shops (with a friendly Karen Voordeman face on TV) have "mujin" ATM's where you can take on loans with a "name" guaruntorfor insane Type-R cars. Lots of these loan cos are in foreign Japan funds which people should be well aware of... eg JP Morgan has 3% in "Takefuji" ...notorious corrupt scum of the earth in Japan... (though I own this fund)
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