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  1. Nice find on the Faber speech. Thanks for that. Faber's views on a short term drop dovetail nicely with itulip's ka-poom theory.

    John Embry from Sprott Asset Management on cartel action (before the recent drop): http://www.sprott.com/pdf/investorsdigest/...mar_02_2007.pdf

    Indeed, the current fall (in S/M as well as in Gold) is frighteningly in line with the predictions of the worst doomsayers.

    Can I quote the dear departed cgnao (sp? for all those that remember) and say 'Protect Yourself - Buy Gold'/

  2. GOLD is going down hard now--below $600 Monday?

    03/02/2007 12:51 641.30 -21.90

    I hope so, I will be buying again at 580 - 600.

    If you believe in the 'great crash' theory, then as Marc Faber (who has good pedigree) has said 5-10% correction in gold is to be expected.

    It is then - when 'helicopter' Ben tries decides to cut interest rates that Gold could go parabolic.


    (Although he says commodities, he prefers gold as it is not reliant on growth in China etc.)

  3. Sorry to hear you are off BB.

    I find myself spending time I would have spent here at Green Energy Investors these days - but will still keep an eye on the Yorkshire Prices thread. Like others I am genuinely priced out so will enjoy a few debt free years then probably leave the country, back to Japan with my wife.

    Going round the White Rose today I can't help thinking everyone is underestimating how high the IRs might be pushed.

  4. priced £149,995 29/06/05 (i printed it out)


    Have been watching market for a year...same old stalemate... <_<

    actually viewed this one when it was £225,000 in April :rolleyes:


    £249,995 on 29/06/05..(assuming it's the same proerty i printed off then, exact same details to the letter))


    this was £249,995 on 18/05/06...of course property prices aren't coming down...


    was £249,995 on 18/05/06..


    was £185,000 on 18th May 2006..


    i could go on...... B)

    ...and this is just one agent that i had some old printouts for... :D

    As an old Benfleet boy that tickles me!

    They'll be choking on their poncy bottled beer in the V-bar - actually a mate of mine owns a flat above that bar. I'd love to see what that goes for when he sells it (IO mortgage - bought 2004.)

  5. Looks like we are entering the end game then.

    Probably a good buy at current levels, they do know what they have to do from here in.

    In Japan, sending a picture message on Vodafone = 5p/10p. UK Vodafone = 50p.

    Wonder why that caught on like wildfire over in Asia and people keep everything on their phones to show to their mates over here... Same with internet access, ringtones and everthing else - they've priced it out of becoming an everyday thing over here.

  6. where are the figures predicting a fall in numbers of students - you can't be serious?

    Deadly serious. Fees are forcing people to stay closer to home. Wouldn't you? Leeds Met unfortunately bucking the trend apparently but those students are more likley to be relative locals anyway.

    I hope even the hint of this will force the HMO slum landords in Headingley and the surrounding area to panic. There is a big oversupply especially on the fringes as it stands...


    There is mention of 2000 plus surplus bed spaces this year alone. Lovin' it.

  7. talking about student lets, I know of people doing up 2 bed back to backs with cellar space within the burley/kirkstall area and turning them into student properties with 5 bedrooms 2 in the cellar area, 2 in the 1st floor and 1 in the attic room, think how cramped these will be, I know of properties selling for 169K, and I saw one recently that had been done with asking price of 199k! the mind boggles, these terraces are normally going for 120k and were only about 50k 5 years ago! some of the rooms are minuscule.


    I know if I was a student I wldn't want to be in such cramped accomodation...

    These are the sort of places I hope to see plummet. I hope the new purpose built accomodation takes the students (and these stupid prices with them) and lets families back in.

  8. what effect will that nice new block of student accommodation have on the student rental market?

    Hopefully the bottom will fall out of large parts of it! Will students choose these swish flats and leave some areas to go back to to families? Or will they stick with the student enclaves and leave these soulless new builds empty?

    Drove round the inner ring road today and saw the massive development of Student accomodation, and another one out on Burley Road.

    There is tons of stuff around still going up!

    Could be an interesting couple of years, especially with overall student numbers scheduled to fall.

  9. Well, something strange is happening this weekend for sure.

    This has got to be the FIRST time ever, that I have seen supermarkets running out of easter eggs the saturday before Easter.

    This is normally when I buy all my easter eggs. But this year, Tesco's in town and Waitrose all had run out. We had to go to the large out of town Tesco's, and then we only had a choice of a couple of £6 eggs with toys in.

    Very strange indeed. Anyone else have this experience?

    Somerfield in Headlingley sold out before Thursday lunchtime. Odd.

  10. I'm likely to be moving to Leeds very soon due to a job offer and am looking for advice on the best place to start looking for rental property. I'm probably going to look for a 1 bed flat at a cheapish rate but in a decent condition and in a reasonable area. Any advice on the best places to live in Leeds and the likely rental would be greatly appreciated.

    That combination isn't easy to achieve. Depends how much you are willing to pay and how close you need to be to the city.

    I like Pudsey, Horsforth, Cookridge, Rawdon, Yeadon parts of Moortown. Chapel Allerton is the trendies choice and Headingley & Kirstall are studenty. These last two will have the best selection and most choice but there will be few bargains in these areas at the moment.

  11. Those two new builds in Bramley/Armley, who in their right minds would pay the £150k+ they are asking for those, the whole geography of the estate encouranges miscreants into the new houses to cause mayhem. People who buy there seriously need their head testing, I hope it is full of BTLers who are going to get there balls roasted when the crash comes, will serve them right !

    Its crazy. As I look out on them now, there isn't a single light on in them.

    You're quite right about them being literally surrounded - it is unbelievable. I honestly don't know if there are even BTL'rs who would consider these with their 'new' premium. We shall see...

  12. There goes the neighbourhood...

    Two new developments have been taking shape down Wyther Lane just down the road from me,

    Maelstrom by Strata and something called Valley View, both in LS12.

    Now its not a hideous neighbourhood, but is bordered by lots of chav housing and while I think it is OK to rent in...I was surprised to see local hoody joyriders (barely over 14) running an Astra estate up the wasteland burning out the clutch and then torching it in broad daylight. Apparently they were running it up and down the road since 1am.

    I don't know what this does for developers tring to sell these things - but I tell you I am glad to be renting and able to leave at 1 months notice if this keeps up. If I had bought and this area starts turning into a warzone...

  13. Hi all

    Just doing some research on the Chapletown area of Leeds. Seems quite cheap, but are prices still over inflated? Does anyone know about prices in the area? Are houses selling fast? On Rightmove I saw a terrace that had been bought in 2003 for £26,000 and sold in 2005 for £115,000!! That must have been a big renovation!

    Don't do it.

    I've heard news stories of them 'reclaiming' the neighbourhoods especially last year they cleared quite a few crack houses. Until there is real evidence that it is improving I would steer well clear.

    So yes, they are overinflated.

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