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  1. Here's the link to the first article by Kate Muir http://women.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_an...icle1728245.ece
  2. Indeed, the current fall (in S/M as well as in Gold) is frighteningly in line with the predictions of the worst doomsayers. Can I quote the dear departed cgnao (sp? for all those that remember) and say 'Protect Yourself - Buy Gold'/
  3. I hope so, I will be buying again at 580 - 600. If you believe in the 'great crash' theory, then as Marc Faber (who has good pedigree) has said 5-10% correction in gold is to be expected. It is then - when 'helicopter' Ben tries decides to cut interest rates that Gold could go parabolic. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=new...id=apUgsLGB4Co0 (Although he says commodities, he prefers gold as it is not reliant on growth in China etc.)
  4. yep, these will be 100 quid new inside a year, for sure.
  5. I'd have to dispute that point. Ever read 'Manufacturing Consent'?
  6. A great and surprisingly insightful article. By the way the Yeats poem is called 'The Second Coming'.
  7. Sorry to hear you are off BB. I find myself spending time I would have spent here at Green Energy Investors these days - but will still keep an eye on the Yorkshire Prices thread. Like others I am genuinely priced out so will enjoy a few debt free years then probably leave the country, back to Japan with my wife. Going round the White Rose today I can't help thinking everyone is underestimating how high the IRs might be pushed.
  8. Possibly yes? Having lived through deflation in Japan for 5 years, I would say it looks an increasingly likely proposition, though we will know more next year.
  9. Just got to love that attitude, haven't you.
  10. Bloke at work remortgaged on a 2 year fix today at 4.37%. While rates like that are around, I am beginning to wonder where forced sellers are going to come from.
  11. As an old Benfleet boy that tickles me! They'll be choking on their poncy bottled beer in the V-bar - actually a mate of mine owns a flat above that bar. I'd love to see what that goes for when he sells it (IO mortgage - bought 2004.)
  12. Probably a good buy at current levels, they do know what they have to do from here in. In Japan, sending a picture message on Vodafone = 5p/10p. UK Vodafone = 50p. Wonder why that caught on like wildfire over in Asia and people keep everything on their phones to show to their mates over here... Same with internet access, ringtones and everthing else - they've priced it out of becoming an everyday thing over here.
  13. Probably, but then Iran has been out of the news for a while. Wait until that lot kick off again.
  14. Deadly serious. Fees are forcing people to stay closer to home. Wouldn't you? Leeds Met unfortunately bucking the trend apparently but those students are more likley to be relative locals anyway. I hope even the hint of this will force the HMO slum landords in Headingley and the surrounding area to panic. There is a big oversupply especially on the fringes as it stands... http://healheadingley.org.uk/bb/viewtopic.php?t=169 There is mention of 2000 plus surplus bed spaces this year alone. Lovin' it.
  15. These are the sort of places I hope to see plummet. I hope the new purpose built accomodation takes the students (and these stupid prices with them) and lets families back in.
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