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  1. Chavs are everywhere even the nicest places will have them. My advise on where to live is one of the Canterbury villages. The high speed train link is on it's way, and you should be able to find a suitable house within budget. Canterbury also offers good shopping and is quite vibrant and the biggy if your off spring are bright enough which I am sure they are there are numerous grammar schools.
  2. You should try www.mysupermarket.co.uk if you shop on line only covers the majors but tells you which supermarket will be the cheapest based on your shopping basket and also offers cheaper alternatives on food can save quite a bit if you are not loyal to certain brands. If you are shopping at Tesco's you can also use vouchers on this site which can save up to £20 a shop if you are lucky. They only seem to work for a few weeks for new users but whilst they do you can bring the bill down or get some extra treats http://tescovouchercodes.blogspot.com/ We love our food here and I buy quality meat, cheese and eggs but for things like tins of tomatoes always get the value ones there is no difference. Aldi is good for dishwasher tablets and washing powder/liquids. We have grown a lot of our own veg this year which has made a massive difference as well as being much healthier.
  3. One of the nicest adhoc conversations I have ever struck up with anyone was with a homeless women. She was in her mid 50's trying to cadge a fag of me. I gave her the end of the one I was smoking as it was my last one. She was very grateful and we started talking. She said it was unusual for someone to give her time of day but I was bought up to treat everyone with respect as long as they were being respectful to me. She was clearly intelligent despite being slightly drunk and very articulate. I asked her how she had ended up on the streets and of course she said it was to do with the drink. I asked if she had family she said yes but she would never want them to see her like she was or embarrass them so she kept away. She had a boyfriend another homeless man and she said that made things easier for her and that he was a good man even though he gave her a slap every now and again. She told me about her earlier life, good family, good education, good job, but how her addiction led her to where she was. The most amazing thing is she didn't seem bitter and had a lot of compassion for others she felt were less better of than herself. My heart broke for her she didn't ask me for any thing else ie money and actually thanked me for having a conversation with her. She said it was hard living on the streets but not being treated as a human being by others was the hardest thing. I felt very humbled by the experience and very lucky in my own life.
  4. Really nice house until they decide to boot you out which is what happened to us after 10 years of renting a similar place. Then it does hit home how your destiny is in other peoples hands and once they are of school age you will realise how difficult it can be to plan for their education if you are at the mercy of your land lord and for me that was a real problem. We did decide to buy but bought extremely carefully but it did involve a massive compromise we moved over 60 miles away. Leaving behind established social networks and family especially with children can be hard but I don't regret our decision. I wouldn't under estimate the desire for security when you have a family though and its a real shame renters don't have more protection in this country. I was never ashamed of renting and would rather rent that live in sub standard accommodation any day of the week.
  5. So because you earn more money so pay more taxes than some other people you think your children have a right to a superior education. Money gives you more choices that true so if you can afford to why not go private and give the less well able in our society the opportunity to go to the best state schools. Who knows if they work really really hard and have access to a good education they might in time become a worthy citizen too, just like you.
  6. The problem is government are not really doing anything to address this. Yes a minority of LA's such as Brighton are using the lottery system so that all local people within a certain catchment not just a small part of it stand a chance but in the main allocation is priortised on how close you are to the school. You are right that Schools will never be entirely equal but they could be more equal than they currently are with some decent policies on allocation on board and a more even spread of the social economic groups. I do think the problem is worse now than it was in the past and league tables are a big reason for that. Good state schools should be available to everyone not just those with the finances and the ability to move as close as possible to them. Poor people pay taxes too.
  7. I don't feel any sympathy for her and hope they jail her if only to send a signal to other like minded individuals. She wasn't some local person pushed out by the better off she is sending her off spring to private school now. She could have bought in the catchment but she was so arrogant and self serving that she decided lying was an easier method instead. It's people like her that have caused this mess if they sent their children to their local schools like the less well off have to then the spread of ability would be more equal in all. I have no sympathy for her not one iota it's about time these people learned they don't have a god given right to best of everything. I do agree a lottery system is better than the current system but it will only happen in a minority of cases as the people it would affect are the ones best able to fight against it.
  8. The issues surrounding this have been debated many times before on here and on those debates the consensus seemed to be its ok to cheat lie and have rampant HPI around the best state schools as educating little Timothy and Tallulah is more important than anything else. Now that mummy and daddy can't afford private education in some cases I expect the problem to get worse not better. The fact of the matter is selection is alive and well to those that can afford it. Why do you think all schools are not equal it's because mummy and daddy have access to the league tables so can skew the system to their advantage. I personally would prefer to go back to more honest form of selection, the grammar school. At least this is based on intellectual ability not the ability to move to the right area, this way intelligent children from poorer families can benefit too. Local schools should be for local children of course that is right but when some houses have a catchments premium of over £100k what you will find in reality are local people being pushed to the benefit of Timothy and Tallulah. People lying about where they live just makes matters worse but who can blame them when the government in trying to abolish a selection based system have just created a much worse two tier system in its place.
  9. We have a largish garden and have kept a third for growing veg and fruit and intend to get some chickens next. Most people think its a shame as the general opinion is it could look lovely landscaped. I am looking forward to lower shopping bills but for is it is mainly for a healthier diet. The kids still have an large bit of lawn in which to play and we can still make the front bit attractive. I think people have forgotten that most houses originally had gardens for growing food and personally I am rather taken with the working bit of my garden.
  10. It depends if you can get something affordable for you at historic multiples in an area/property you want to live in for a few years and if you want security or not. To me its as simple as that If you can't answer yes to all of those then its not the right time to buy.
  11. It's other people kids that will be wiping your backsides when your dribbling old fools doubt that's worth the maternity leave their mothers may have got paid. All this talk about other people choices give me a break wtf are we here for then, like every other species to proceate.
  12. Buy your food from sites such as this and support the local economy, its better for the taste buds, pocket in some cases, health, and peace of mind. http://www.foodforkent.co.uk/about.aspx When I first moved into my village despite being 2 minutes walk from the school I couldn't get one of my children in as parents from up to 20 miles away were sending their children there and the education authority couldn't believe the cheek of me for wanting to get my child into our local school.
  13. Try the land registry as suggested. I was buying a repo and near the end of the process was told the sale was put on hold. No one would tell me why even though I had forked out for searches etc. I finally found out after much hassle there was another charge on the property who had taken possession. I would have lost the house if I hadn't found out who the chargee was from the land registry as despite asking no one put my offer through to the new owner. So I phoned them direct and said I am ready to complete if you will accept my previous offer and the sale went through. When the estate agent gave us the keys and we got there the locks had been changed it took a few hours to get the new set. What's more despite not doing anything to secure the sale in the end they got their commission as they found us as buyers. What a joke.
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