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  1. I would agree that this happens but it doesn't look like the guide prices were so low as to be in proper bargain territory.
  2. Results here for today's auction. Along with the usual fairly high percentage of lots unsold that seems to characterise auctions recently, a lot of the ones that did sell seem to have gone for a lot higher than the guide prices. Thoughts?
  3. Neutralising costs almost nothing - just a skip and a lot of paint.
  4. That's not generally true of Pugh's auctions. I'm on their mailing list and check out most of their auctions. I've only seen a few instances where the guide price was a deliberate come-on to get people interested. I've successfully bought several properties both pre-auction and in auction where my winning offer was at or just above the lower guide.
  5. Can some programmers create a "Dating Property Bee"? Would be quite amusing.
  6. Sounds interesting. Who bears the costs of repairs in the meantime though?
  7. Isn't even 120k not too bad for that? Sure, it's in a state but there's loads of potential. If it were remotely commutable for me I'd be tempted.
  8. And how do you differentiate between the person that bought them two days ago for 50% off and the person that bought them two years ago for full price?
  9. Look at the satellite view as well. What's the big building next to it? Looks like you can only access it via the same front gates.
  10. I hate when they say that. If I'm buying, I don't care about the state of the kitchen/bathroom/etc (as long as it's factored into the price) because I can change it to a design or style that I want. If I'm renting then I'm stuck with it so I'm going to care more about the detail.
  11. If you've got enough money, you can afford to be wrong quite a few times.
  12. How much are you thinking of paying for the privilege of living in a basement?
  13. Welcome to the Zombie repo portfolio. Selling means an admission that the book value is wrong, triggering a writedown. Something has to give.
  14. errr....you do realise that my link was to all 2-bed flats within 3 miles of Liverpool Street (including docklands)?
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