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  1. I don't mean directly - but it is going to my breaker box and meter - the LL does not have electrical certificates and has now scheduled a electrician to come over immediately to do certificates since i informed him of my discovery .
  2. I just discovered that the common lights for the entrance hallway that are used by all the other tenants in building are wired to my meter. The landlord had previously said this was not true - but if i kill our breaker , the lights go out , What is my recourse ? I've been in the flat for over a year and the lights in question also feature chandaliers with 10 bulbs ect , on constantly with other tenants and guests in and out. regards wals
  3. thanks so much for the great info, it is very much appreciated ! -w
  4. hi - I am moving out of flat and when cleaning window noticed a crack and small hole in window - this was covered by netting curtains at very top of window - i've never even opened window , and for all i know, its been there the entire tenancy . this is an ex council flat and these are the original windows that are at least 50 years old - single pane and seriously tired. I just find it to be really unfair that he can have me pay to replace an aged window that was ( in my opinion ) cause by an outside force or just sheer age . Anybody had the misfortune of this type of nasty suprise ? Also , if i contest this - will the entire amount of my deposit be held , or just the amount the landlord decides he wants? Thanks -W
  5. I said we rent from a LL ( slumlord ) in a council estate - and unfortunately its not the nicest of places - stabbings / screaming neighbors / drug dealers hanging in front with baseball bats - but this is the only place that would allow our dog, that is within zone 2 - i should have said EX council flat i guess on a high skill visa without ILR we receive NO housing /wage/tax/dependents benefits' quote name='tim123' date='Aug 22 2009, 05:39 PM' post='2095577'] How the **** does a working couple get to the top of the council housing list? tim
  6. As a couple with a labrador retriever our lives have been hell here trying to find a place- we brought our dog over from USA with the intention of buying house in 2007 - THANKS TO ALL HERE i got wise and we pulled out of buying BUT now we our forced to rent in council estates that seem to be the only places open to dogs. We both work in central London, we were in a rented maisonette in ST albans but the commute was evil , so now we are seriously planning on moving back now as we realize that houses will never come down and have grown tired of this quality of life hit . No , we can't just ditch the dog, it's a responsibility thing. So i hope you truly do just have a pet visiting , not trying to get around the contract because the LL's here are heartless B'stards -( most of the ones we've encountered anyway ) good luck !!
  7. I would think you're right , when i called to call it off today i got this gem: we wouldn't get to see the tenancy agreement , TILL THE day we got the keys...which she seemed almost annoyed i was asking about it, after all she said," it's just a standard tenancy agreement" It's a shame the LL went with the cheapest sleazy LA, we would really like to get into that rental .
  8. You're right - we are in London , haven't asked for justification on holding amount , but our spidey senses are a' tingling and i think ill be calling tomorrow to just get out of this. I just wanted to make sure i wasn't just being paranoid. thanks all for answering -w
  9. hi - we are about to enter into a prelet agreement which states that if the credit check does not fulfill their criteria( what ever that is ) they can keep our entire holding depost ( 530 pounds on a 1150 PCM property ) not just the reference fee , in fact the only way we can get it back is if the LL backs out. We have not seen a tenancy agreement yet either, just this prelet which says we agreet to rent it out for such and such amount and the lease period and start date . ( which sounds a bit like a loose tenancy agreement) We feel very uncomfortable with this as we have only been renting in UK for two years but have good letting history ( no kept deposits ect ) credit and jobs - this is not a "high street "letting agent either, they just have one office and a couple employees it seems . is this normal- i do not recall our previous LA ever using this verbage or amount ratio. thanks
  10. It is an assured shorthold tenancy, forgive my ignorance, but what is TDS and s21? Thanks for taking the time to help wals naquote name='wayneL' date='Oct 21 2008, 07:29 PM' post='1409538'] Is this an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, or Standard Assured Tenancy? Some LLs are using SAT to avoid the TDS, but as they then cannot use s21 they must invoke the above clauses in section 8 in order to have de-facto s21 powers. Just a thought. Disclaimer; Not an expert on this.
  11. Thanks for replying. The odd thing is these are not part of the template - these were specifically added by landlord along with some other small agreements ( put in washer ect ) I just get the feeling he's leaving an out because he know his BTL world might come crashing down soon - and absolutely, he has stated he has never lived there and doesnt know much about the property . It wouldnt be such a big deal , but we have searched forever to find a LL who will accept our dog and cat . and we know just how hard it will be if we find ourselves kicked out on any other terms but our own ;-) tenant' date='Oct 21 2008, 11:24 AM' post='1408172'] We have similar clauses but different wording in our agreement, but they are preceded with "if applicable". I take it that this is a standard agreement template and as the house is not main home of the LL these clauses are not applicable.
  12. hi all - we are about to sign tenancy agreement and the LL has put these in - He says he has never lived at the property . does this mean he can straight up kick us out after 6 months ? thanks -wals 11.1. The Landlord gives notice to the Tenant that the Property is his only or principal home or are intended by him to be used as his only or principal home within the meaning of Ground 1 of Part I of Schedule 2 to the Housing Act 1988 and that the Landlord may recover possession under that Ground such possession not to be required before the first six (6) months of the term have elapsed. 11.2. The Landlord gives notice to the Tenant and the Tenant acknowledges that the Property may be required by the Landlord's mortgagee for the purposes of taking possession of the Property and disposing of it with vacant possession in exercise of the mortgageeā€™s power of sale and the Landlord can recover possession of the Property under the provisions of Ground 2 of Part I of Schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1988 such possession not to be required before the first six (6) months of the term have elapsed.
  13. Wow - I'm amazed you were able to find a place with a dog ! we have been stuck renting in st albans doing the commute to london as we can't find one landlord who will take our labrador retriever.( married 40 +non smokers with good record) We can only afford in the 1300 pcm zone - and have been looking for over a year now, we'd be willing to pay extra deposit - but have only had LLs ask for additional rent ABOVE the full asking ( like 150 pounds more a month! ) -its not like we are asking to keep an orangutan , but thats the response we get. We always offer full asking price too - soooo frustrating , any hints?
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