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  1. Who is Dogbox plz? Off to bed will check tomorrow. Goodnight. VS.
  2. 'Unless you're a housing association/charity' Read post further up. STR?? Nah I'm not that.
  3. BTL=B2L ??? Feck? Who? Gives?
  4. KOTC- Looking for affordable housing yes. Looking at not gearing, no IO and minimal borrowing. Pedantic- well maybe. I simply don't agee with this putting people in boxes escapade.
  5. Okay, I accept. I'm so glad you used the word 'loose.' No offence on my part intended. Sorry Dude. I get aired up by being catagorised as a B2Lr who 'is greedy and takes up the housing intended for the FTB's' when I don't. I feel for the FTB's but not all B2lr's have been stupid in gearing up and taking the market from everybodyelse. 'Somebody has to stick up for us....nobody else is.' - That may feel true but it isn't. My team allocate shared ownership to FTB's in Buckinghamshire/ Beds/ Herts - We would give everybody one all day long....if there were enough. Truth is there isn't and won
  6. 'I, as a future ftb do not find anything in common with the other camps.' - YOUR comment. Well I stated further above that I am having exactly the same problem as you. So as I am a B2Lr AND looking for modest affordable housing for myself (no profit) that there has to be more than four camps as I don't fit into any of your four. IMO there are many sub divisions of all your four suggestions. Please stop putting people in boxes. VS.
  7. Great Dude. Good Luck to you too! Can we drop the 'Four Camps' crap now??
  8. Totally Agree. From a Camper in the opposite field. I too am looking at buying. I too am hoping for a big price reduction. Not because I want a 'paper profit' but because I want to settle down and live a happy, healthy, long life in a home that I can afford. There are many more than 4 camps! Victoria. Coffee, smell, wake up?????
  9. Thanks for your reply. I'm a B2Lr. Not a big head, not a 'talk the market upper' etc. I prefer to be known as a realist. I've read the postings of two out of three of the 'them' team you have mentioned. That 'them' team needs breaking in to two sub teams: 1)The ones that need to talk crap. 2) The ones that recognise the market has cooled and don't NEED to sprout the crap. I'm the latter. Cheers Shish.
  10. I'm pretty new to posting on this forum but admit to reading it for a while. A lot of you seem to hate the B2L brigade with a passion and I wondered if that hatred was to every investor or a certain kind. Just curious/ not looking for approval/ disapproval etc. I come from the 1990 brigade. At 18 I was actively encouraged to buy as much property as possible. At the time B2L mortgages didn't exist or if they did they weren't termed as this. Mentors and banks were pushing the idea to buy constantly, to which I did. The crash happened. I was very lucky. It hit London but not the North to any
  11. I'm in MK. We had 15 EA introducers for Financial Services. 8 have closed since Xmas. Two have hit the press the others seem like they are waiting for a Spring boom??
  12. 'A good idea would be to get out of debt and into cash to best take advantage of coming events.' Surely thats what all experienced LL's have done. The amateur investor IS going to struggle. The LLs who started in 2000 who think the market will always rise, the ones who don't have a regualr income. The ones who have put all their eggs in one basket etc will fail. And, now we know that the crash will take all of them how are you going to deal with the many of that survive?? Are we going to slag them off and not beleive that they carried it through? Could they possibly have survived? And so
  13. Yup he's a chav. He's holding his pretend bur-berries!
  14. Either! Is there a difference between a chav and a wannabee chav?? Surely there can't be a wannabee? Tell me there isn't!
  15. Look, being a chav is difficult. If you haven't got a burberry handbag it's nye on impossible. ;-)
  16. Utter Blasphemy!!! Richard and Judy should be knighted! Well Richard at least. Anybody caught nicking Morrisson's Vino deserves a medal if not the DESPERATE medal. Anhyway, he's quite cute.
  17. 'because I feel that intelligent people in every other aspect of life simply do not open their eyes when it comes to house prices.' Intelligent people often sign themselves up to the worst mortgages going. Intelligent people often think they are so intelligent that they could not possibly have a crap mortgage. Intelligent people often have the sort of mortgage that is fixed at 1.5% for two years and is tied in at SVR for a further 5. Alas, they still don't see it - and they still think they've got a good deal. :-( - And these people are teaching our new generation BTW. And you expect them to
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