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  1. 1.39 not long ago. And check this out: A sea of red...safe to say the pound is now a steaming turd. Best open those Euro accounts sharpish if you don't want to miss the boat!
  2. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home No doubt the first of many...how bad is this going to be? Pensions and public money invested in this junk - surely social unrest aimed at the bankers. Wall St could get torched by the time this is through!
  3. Wow Is this the end for sterling? They decided they don't like the strong pound against the dollar so time to cut, cut, cut! Oh well, my euros just added £1000
  4. A couple of lovely comments from my part of the world (Exeter): Yum That's my kind of estate agent - a soon to be redundant one
  5. If the US is tanking too he might not be able to help...think this one might be too big a problem. They're still hoping house prices might stop falling to save them - ha, ha - just need to nuke all the ones nobody wants, that might help!
  6. Who buys factory gates these days? We don't have any factories so it's logical that anyone wanting a new set of gates would have to pay through the nose to get them. I suggest people stick to garden gates, I believe these are going down in price.
  7. Apparently they hold $1.05 trillion of 'things'...only 6.9% ($69 billion) is level 3 stuff though. Wonder what the other $980,000,000,000 is then?! I hope it isn't something that's dropping 20 or 30% in value or they might be very, very stuffed.
  8. Indeed, I think the Euro will falter next year some time...but only after sterling has hit the buffers. They're all built on sand, even with Germany propping it up. With the US disappearing down the pan who will Europe export anything to...Dubai?
  9. Who bloomin' eats bread anyway? I think they should make it illegal to eat anything that goes up in price therefore solving the inflation problem. Dollar salad anyone?
  10. Anyone know what's happened to sterling today? Hit a low of 1.41870 - falling off a cliff tomorrow?
  11. Bump as it only appeared half way down and it's definitely a good read
  12. Really good summary of where we are and where we're going... http://www.thetrumpet.com/index.php?q=4406...oney.com/RENEWS
  13. Hi - just sold my house and have banked the cash. Found the site after seeing that Welsh bloke on the news from Housepricecrash.co.uk. We're renting now but I think we'll buy again in the new year when it's all back to normal. Think it's all a bit overrated, prices might drop a few % each year but that will probably be it. Bazzer
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