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  1. Oh dead that alchy son with the shoo-in Whitehouse intership better convert that Grace and Favour £1m flat for 20 scintilatingally diverse immigs to live in instead before it all falls to pieces magnificiently, then. Unless he's too sipped to sort it, of course.
  2. Debasers of currencies used to either have their right hands chopped off, or were castrated: is it time for a new HPC poll for Mr Bean?...
  3. Is the photo in the article part of that Is Auntie Doris Having A Stroke campaign? I think she's at Stage 4 there.
  4. Hopefully, she'll end up rotting in a bus shelter at 75, and some chavs can set fire to as she sleeps.
  5. It's known as a 'flounce delete' in the trade. One forum I'm on has a whole sub-board dedicated to them where you can lay wreaths etc.
  6. Economic advice from Anatole Kaletsky is like a cookery demonstration by Hannibal Lector.
  7. Kristine Reeves, Head of Strategic Housing. 01603 212939 y'know... might come in handy...
  8. I expect the old dear tottered over to the nearest one in Lakeside in her bargain Manolo Blahniks - only 3.5 miles away, and easy to get befuddled at her age, bless her! I'm sure Sibs'll be here to clarify shortly, anyway...
  9. No doubt Blunkett will foreswear dipping into the public pot by supporting himself as a part-time lollipop man: wait till you hear the beep, kiddies!
  10. And you expected to be collecting what? Bags full of pot-pourri? Perhaps I should pay a Cr*p tax because of what those poor unsuspecting sewage workers have thrown at them? That was the job you were employed to do. Does my council tax go down as the bin men do less and less each year?: ad infinitum.
  11. Truly bizarre picture of El Gordo at the bottom - somewhere between Mike Yarwood doing Dennis Healey, Bryan Ferry and Quasimodo. I know he finds it hard to smile naturally, but Christ!
  12. Hang on, now apparently she snuffed it on the 10th anniversay of Di's prang in the Paris tunnel! There just aren't enough tinfoil hats in the world, are there?
  13. I particularly like "(Krustie) was a British TV presenter...": perhaps that's too subtle to arouse the Wrath Of Wiki.
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