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  1. Hi folks, I'm thinking of selling my place as I have been offered a very reasonable rent somewhere else. I would be left with around £125k after paying off any debts however after a career change last year I only earn around £25k. I would only want to invest if I could ensure I could do so for the long term. Does anyone have any advice? I'm early 30s. Many thanks
  2. Your desire for a higher salary is causing your suffering not your lack of salary so maybe look inside yourself rather than externally and this quest for a bigger paycheck will cease.
  3. My comment wasn't directed at your specifically but people in general. Obviously there are situations that are unworkable due to reasons often outside your control but I think many people discount the option too readily, maybe because of society influence. I apologise if I offended you as I truly didn't mean to.
  4. Why wouldn't I want to make my loved ones life easy and get on with them?
  5. The only trouble I have with running or cycling to work is I need to eat another meal which doesn't seem a very efficient way of travelling when you consider fuel costs and environmental factors of rearing animals and crops not to mention extra time or making and eating said meal. Obviously if you have fat reserves then this isn't an issue.
  6. My parents don't have authority over me, we are all adults living a harmonious life together. I help them out with things as it makes me feel good and they do the same with me.
  7. In threads like these it always surprises me how many people must hate their parents. I don't see how sharing a house with mature, sensible adults who are considerate to each others needs for little money is worse off than sharing with a bunch of random strangers for considerably more money. I think some people automatically think if you live with your parents you stay in your room while your mum makes your dinner or some such nonsense.
  8. There is a penthouse apartment here in Portsmouth for sale at £4m (!) who has that sort of money to spend on a place in Portsmouth?
  9. Going by that I'm closer to Greens than anyone else; should probably have another look at their manifesto but from what I remember they try to deal with the symptoms too much rather than the cause.
  10. Women used to be trapped in the home and now they're trapped in the workplace
  11. Here though there are identical streets - terraces built to the same standard at the same time but now carry substantially different prices. I'm literally talking 50 yards away. I can understand certain people making it nicer but unless lots of people buy the street in a group I don't see how it happens really.
  12. Just occasionally someone airs a bit of common sense I bet they didn't dwell on that point though and swiftly moved on.
  13. Sounds like a silly question but how do certain streets become nice and others not? I live in a very densely populated city full of terrace houses where you can literally have adjacent streets that are substantially more desirable with prices to match (sometimes almost twice as expensive for the same size house). How exactly does this happen and can you spot a pattern whereby you could predict the which streets will improve?
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