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  1. Well it looks like I messed up. £/$ up to 1.472 now, should have sold my dollars when they were 1.36 just after the US election. It's great with hindsight. Anyone got a crystal ball! Can anyone out there offer me hope on the pound falling anytime soon? I keep looking and hoping but the pound is going up and up. Also I was considering opening a dollar account and paying some of my sterling wages in there to get out of sterling and into dollars. Any thoughts Thanks
  2. Reading the forum, I seem to be the only person thinking of selling dollars for pounds. Everyone else seems to be getting rid of sterling. I think I should hold on a while longer and see what happens.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. The graph is pretty scary DrGuid, the pound has sank like a stone already. I wonder what will happen now it's gone under 1.40. Vindicated, that's a shame, but typical. It's so hard to know what to do for the best. I was considering selling the dollars at 1.52 and I am so relieved I didn't. Thanks Yoss, parity doesn't seem possible does it? How have you managed to avoid sterling have you invested abroad? Funnily enough I have brought property abroad and would make on the exchange rate alone if I could sell. Maybe I should sell up here and go and live in the sun! Any other comments anyone. Many thanks
  4. Hi everyone I would be very grateful for any advice on the pound/dollar rate. Do you think the pound will sink any lower against the dollar? I am holding dollars which I brought last year and am wondering whether I should sell now, or with all the bad news coming out of here (UK) and the new president etc in the US, will the pound fall further against the dollar. Many thanks for any thoughts/advice on what I should do. I am a newbie posting not an expert so please nothing too complicated or you will lose me. Regards
  5. Misick & Stanbrook in Provo, misickstanbrook.tc, ask for/e-mail Sarah Knight. She is efficient and helpful. Where are you buying in the islands?
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