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  1. I think the scam is still on going. They will be out in three years. During these three years they will both write books on their lives which will end up as best sellers. On their release the media will want interviews and exclusives which the Darwins can gloss up ready for the big one. A blockbuster film "Seaton beach to Pananma city". And also the house market will have picked up so they can sell the portfolio at the peak.
  2. Thats what this is all about. Injun, you certainly let the genie out the bottle with this thread. I notice Eric was the one that reserected it this morning was half way down page two. Mischief making perhaps?
  3. Injin, enoughts enought. Eric will always be Eric, banging on about LL on any thread on any subject. You won't get the response to the satisfaction you are after. I think Eric (IMO) over simplyfies the whole situation branding >3.5* salary as LL and hence the whole cause of the problem. Albeit LL hasn't helped and in essence we are in a big financial mess. End of the day what good will come of this thread when the dialogue decends into a slagging of match. "Good thread mind you". I think you both have put up valid points throughout the thread just leave it at that.
  4. Each and all have their own views and opinions and express them in different ways, thats what makes this board so interesting. This thread alone has been a rare treat as two VI's took on two of HPC big hitters EP and BL. Thanks for the action!! Keep the views and the posts coming LD edit typo
  5. MK We need to raise the base rate to get us out of this mess. AD We need to make it look like the economy is booming. GB Get the propaganda machine of the BBC on the high street sales being higher than expected. AD But they were not higher Gordon, we can not mislead the public through the BBC. GB Do it, they will not click on, the British public were once convinced there are no Americans in Baghdad.
  6. Whats the matter with Wynyard? Doesn't seem to get a mention.
  7. I was going to wait doing mine, but another problem Inflation is pushing up the costs of building materials. One week to the next price changes. The steel work for my raft foundation jumped 100% in 12 months. Copper is going up (wires), bricks, sand and dolomite on the increase with extraction and haulage costs relating to fuel. Getting very expensive!!
  8. Check out the "are foxtons foxed" thread, EA advert at top of page
  9. Well I feel I have got to repy to this. I got into to BTL in 2002 last house bought 2004. 5 in total including the one I am sat in all are on repayment mortgage (however some I owe virtually nothing on) I also have 20 years in LG superann, AVC's, an old endowment and also a S & S ISA and a cash ISAand S & S, also fair bit cash in bank. I have a fair bit tighed up in copper (not gold) Believe me not all BTL will be hit in this crash. Only the stupid amatuers buying the inner city blocks on IO. Please don't tar all BTL with the same brush, some know what they are doing.
  10. Rent one of my places!! No seriously, I find the place not to bad, people good, houses value for money (in the collieries). Settle in and see what you think I live 3 miles outside Stockon on Tees but brought up in the collieries during the miners stirke of 84 "The Thatcher years"
  11. Been at work all day and just looked though the thread replies. Thanx for the replies. in the article it mentions this, incentives, incentives, incentives. In the Ne of England this should be snapped up. First glance this looks like a good deal. "We're a small building company, we're not like Persimmon or Barratt Homes, so we are a bit of a niche really." The site, which is between two other new housing estates near to Dalton Park, will have 42 apartments and houses once complete, with the houses ranging from two-bed starter homes to four-bed family houses. Part exchanges are being offered and first-time buyers are being given the chance to pay a £99 deposit to secure the home, followed by the five per cent deposit, stamp duty and legal fees. Three-year security plans are being arranged, **** What are these ****** which will pay £300 towards the mortgage for each month for the first three years, with a free accident, sickness and unemployment policy and free building and contents insurance for three years. **** Never ***** Mr Willetts added: "This scheme means that people will have the confidence to buy as they know they have the security if anything should happen." S**t I sound like a VI, but seriously this sounds good. LD
  12. Builder throws in free car with house deal Colin Willetts builder is enticing potential homeowners with a wheely good offer as they sell homes on a new development. Dunelm Homes is offering people who buy one of its homes in Murton a free Ford Focus worth £11,500. It is just one of a number of incentives the company has lined up to attract buyers to the Glebe Court site, off Church Lane. http://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/Builder...-car.4149493.jp
  13. About knackered now at 96. Like watching someone build a sandcastle when the tides coming in.
  14. Tony Blairs house "Myrobella house" in his old constituancy is 3 or 4 miles from my house. And I live in very close proximity to a house which used to be occupied by a former Man United player (90's).
  15. Quite right Got the pack through in early April. BTW the colleague who scanned the page in for me commented that he was in discussions with NR shareholders as he has 1000 shares with Northern Rock!!!
  16. The attached was discussed yesterday at a general meeting of the shareholders. Scan080515100126.pdf Scan080515100126.pdf
  17. I have shares in RBS and I was invited to attend a meeting yesterday or a form of proxy. The options I had to vote on were To increase the austhorised share capital and authorise the allotment of new shares To authorise the allotment of new ordinary shares instead of 2008 interim dividend. I wonder if the outcome of this voting has been released?
  18. How many potential sellers then will be up against this or are now up against this. Before HIPS your solicitors does the local searches which turns up the extension or other development however it is up to you then to persue the planning and building reg certificate, if you wish!! and this costs more money. Usually as a buyer you would check the planning approval and not bother with the building certificate, hence the seller always got away with it!!! Now HIPS actually assists the buyer as it specifies that this must be provided as part of the pack within the Local Search. This has massive implications for sellers bodging home improvements which do not meet the required technical specifications. E.g knock down your extesnion and dig the founds deeper, pile the foundation (£,000's), undersized lintels, wrong u value on the insulation THE LIST IS ENDLESS.
  19. To get the retrospective cert would require inspection and approval, what happens if like in my example of say building an extension near trees and the foundations not being deep enough? Given the above example which insurance company would cover the risk of enforcement on such a bodge as above. Further still when the local search comes back and reveals this problem, who would want to buy even if getting a HIP was possible.
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