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  1. I have a shop and it has been strange. The build up to Xmas over Dec seemed quite good given the circumstances and pretty consistant as in every day about the same amount in the till, above last year but that expected given inflation. Xmas week which I took from Wed to Wed takings down a lot on last year (again taking inflation into account) however customers up!! Shop is established (not building up new business) however we get more "bums on seats" but not spending as much!! I think this next year will be very unpredictable. Gonna take every day as it comes.
  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7777205.stm Cash boost for North East homes The North East of England has received a multi-million pound funding boost to build thousands of new homes. Under the Government's Growth Points scheme, Tees Valley will gain £6.1m and Newcastle, Gateshead and North Tyneside will share more than £7.2m. Housing Minister Margaret Beckett also awarded £3.2m to south-east Durham and £2.7m to south-east Northumberland. Regeneration, improved transport links and at least 60,000 new homes will be built across the region by 2016. Mrs Beckett said a growing population, coupled with people living longer and an increase in more single households, meant more housing was needed. She said: "In these difficult economic times we must not lose sight of the long-term need to build more homes. "This money is targeted at those local authorities with the most ambitious growth plans. "As well as helping to build the new homes we need, it will ensure we have the support and infrastructure in place so that these homes become part of the existing community, not a burden on their resources."
  3. Smiffy, This thread plus the job thread identifys the fact that you are flapping. Hold back a bit and don't rush ahead with any decisions you may regret later.
  4. Not a bean. Given the present world economic climate don't think finance will be freely available, so not that suprising.
  5. That u over analysing again BL. How's them cheap flats in Brazil doing??
  6. Why you asking us..... you are bullish, you claim to be successful, why ask a bunch of negative bears? edit : typo
  7. I know of a similar situation Couple in there 50's bought a house for £350k in 2006. Mewed last year on i/o to £550k and bought a new merc (£50k) plus renovated the house. Also tried to sell previous property on market 12 months also mewed to £200k, can't sell so currently renting it out. Wonder how long they have to go???
  8. U obviously aware boiling of the blood is a good and rather old saying statement, not a perception on what I believe will unfold, "jesus my bloods gonna boil", my backside. Vicmac, you and Mr B are the exact opposite of Sibley, go and bait him with your extremes, have a bit of fun, in fact I will add to my Sibley topic that he bait you two. Stop worrying in the next few years all will be on the up. CYCLICAL property, shares, savings like it or not.
  9. Ont thing that boils my blood about this site is extremes. On the one hand Sibley in Sibley's world of financil paradise the other is obviously this fellow MrBlobby. Whats the matter you bored (as its Sunday), nervous, paranoid as you have VI's. Use some common sense and stop being so dramatic
  10. Mr P Thats her isn't it your avatar in your likeness
  11. DYIV like I asked to you do your LL laundry and polish his silver?
  12. Thanx Mr P Won't try to justify BTL as I expect to die in the next 40 years so time is tight. I have done it for years!! Whole heartedly agree with HPC
  13. My god U a serial killer by chance. If so I hope you not a bull as that takes matters too far!!
  14. Not at all pays me £300 per month, thats all. Do you do your LL's laundry and polish the silver?
  15. How do you figure She also bought a washing machine.
  16. How does the LL know 1 You bought the washer 2 You will not take it with you if/when you go 3 If he takes responsibility for it you won't press him for a new one if it breaks
  17. The korma is a nice way of saying erm......... watered down turd!!!!!! and sanitry towels edit typo
  18. Well have a laugh at my expense. New consumer unit July 400.00 PCB in combi boiler 180.00 in sept Multi quik on toilet 20.00 Now!!!! the drains which I cleaned today What next.......................... It was DSIGUSTING
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