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  1. Maybe. In fact probably why the referendum was held so they could gauge how hated they are and whether it's time to let go of a few more percent of their wealth. 99 down to maybe 97.9.
  2. I'm not sure I would have picked up 2 discounted gressingham duck breasts at Sainsburys yesterday if they was allowed to open past 4. Keep the restriction I say!
  3. +1 Not afraid of change, I'm a gambling man - could be better or worse off depending on how I/we vote but as an adult I'll take that responsibility.
  4. Fair play for the poll but I doubt this was the place to get a 'national' picture
  5. Don't think so - when there are no new entrants to the market there is no market. Such a big part of the system that they've allowed to run amok it's time to start curbing it or else all goes to shit.
  6. I hope this is right and that there is fear of systemic failure. If 2008 is not by design then it was close then, not of the wrongs have been put right (if anything made worse) and the whole house of cards could be due to collapse again as the next generations confidence in the system dilutes.
  7. Here we go! Banana republic about to be exposed for what it is (houses and insurance)
  8. They'll be none of that but rest assured the rich want to go back to the pick of the peasant 'filly'.
  9. Logans run probably. I think I've posted (a few) threads on the subject eons back, no-one really knows. There are small pockets of sentiment change (but no regime change) in some people now who have their kids at home that are thirties or forties that can see what damage it's causing (esp. if expecting grandkids). An interesting angle for me (related to the children part) is how to continue to enforce this on the population, if you price out those that are there to protect the sytem (army, police etc.) then there will be a problem. Tip - go long on drone companies!
  10. This is a good point - coincidence that housing is now poxy units that require people to live fast in the debt ridden consumer lifestyle? I could actually see kitchens becoming a luxury within a few generations. That said, I would assume the fresh/supermarket turnover to be vastly more than the service sector in terms of GDP at present.
  11. But are there now 50 lettuce quality inspectors and 50 lettuce health & safety planting guidance advisers?
  12. Could they balance transfer the credit debt for x years and hold onto the 16k fund (no surprise it's 16 bang on!) Fair finance nous if so!
  13. Blokes who work in HR Also, assistant director Can the main director not handle the role?
  14. But LL would like 500 quid from you for something you don't use.
  15. Is that all their after, I bet you can get it on Amazon for less than a fiver now, Good album to be fair to them.
  16. What a daft idea, letting the EA's know your salary! Scary how any (possibly real) random FB profile can be picked though and linked to an anonymous forum user. There's a story in that somewhere, or a real life incident that will be a major mistake.
  17. Great! And one of his points is that buy-to-let is not evil as even the poorest 'rent' from the private market. Doesn't mention HB in his point there though hmmm.
  18. apologies for the bbc link - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-34349611 haven't watched it either just stumbled on it while topic is on front page.
  19. Shame the internet was in its infancy still in '97 - the hysteria would probably be similar about Labour then and look what happened
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