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  1. Milkshock

    Are London Rents Falling

    I've found that marketing through an agent rather than doing it yourself reduces the pool of potential tenants as well.
  2. Milkshock

    Are London Rents Falling

    Piss weak? With their 25%+ deposits - yeah right.
  3. Milkshock

    Are London Rents Falling

    Finchley is indeed in North London. And yes pretty much of all of it is very nice. I should know, I lived in East Finchley for 10 years. But I also own a flat in Hackney, Zone 2. And I know demand there is much higher than in East Finchley. That is not to say however that there is any justification on the part of the owner to want and be unable to get a taker for his or her flat in East Finchley (I assume it is East Finchley, as the only part of Finchley in Zone 3 is East Finchley) for 5 months. I said nothing at all about 'pricing it wrongly' - you have imputed that - and my own knowledge of the area tells me that the void will not have been down to lack of competitive pricing on the owners part.
  4. Milkshock

    Are London Rents Falling

    No you volunteered the information to me in an earlier argument about the merits or otherwise of Borehamwood.
  5. Milkshock

    Are London Rents Falling

    Your 'nice part of north london' is in fact zone 4 and whoever has left their flat empty for 6 months did so out of their own choice/ineptitude.
  6. Milkshock

    Btl Ramping By The Wail

    Points 1, 2, 3 and 4 are untrue
  7. Milkshock

    The Brutal Impact Of M M R

    Nevertheless its an extremely relevant point to make when the poster claims that 'owner occupiers are now held back from pumping up house prices'. Such low deposit requirements may suggest otherwise.
  8. Milkshock

    The Brutal Impact Of M M R

    Not entirely - BTL requires 25% deposit - OO's only 5-10%.
  9. Milkshock

    The Brutal Impact Of M M R

    Maybe you're right but remember the govt don't want the hassle of housing the people which is why BTL get so many breaks.
  10. Don't know enough about council tenancies pre their sell off but I heard that tenants for a long while refused to buy initially as the price was too high for them and they preferred to carry on renting off the council. It was only when they were started to be offered at massive discounts that the tenants started to get interested.
  11. But if credit was so easily and widely available as is claimed on this site surely more peod would be able to afford them
  12. I know what you mean about what should be happening in terms of numbers to a property but that scenario is perfectly common in centralish areas of London (of which I would count nw6) The number of properties in London that I have seen that have 'lost' a communal living area to accommodate an extra tenant actually provides a great rebuttal to the argument which seems de riguer on this site (and which I have a great deal of sympathy for btw) that prices are high only due to availability of credit and nothing to do with a 'fictitious' shortage of housing.
  13. Milkshock

    The Brutal Impact Of M M R

    Each house that does not sell also causes problems for potential purchasers for whom the issue of shortage of supply comes more sharply into focus as a result as they have to hold off buying - back to parents or continue/begin renting as a result for example.
  14. Milkshock

    The Brutal Impact Of M M R

    agreed its greedy OO's that are causing the blockage - not BTL.

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