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  1. Brown will go at the end of the summer, only after the papers and the people have shredded him. Sadly I think it will end in psychiatric stuff, but pity the wife beforehand. Successor - OMIGOD, part of me hopes it is Jack Straw the only person I like amongst them, part of me hopes it is a whippersnapper like Miliband or Balls who will be so decimated by 2010 Cameron will walk it. Just let it not be that glib obsequious postman Alan Johnston
  2. I'm tellin ya! It's them there local elections will do for Broon...... LOCAL ELECTIONS FINISH BROWN......... Jack Straw or Alan Milburn will take over, Balls will be lost to the backbenches, along with his wyf. Labour will reduce their gap with Tories overnight. Brown will subsequently be treated for madness in a Swiss clinic.
  3. The problem city boys face in the real world is that the real world does not take kindly to narcissists and psychopaths, by and large. They have created a world - the City - full of people like themselves - once that great excessive boil gets lanced, they find themselves unable to hold down a job amongst decent folk.
  4. The problem city boys face in the real world is that the real world does not take kindly to narcissists and psychopaths, by and large. They have created a world - the City - full of people like themselves - once tha great excessive boil gets lanced, they find themselves unable to hold down a job amongst decent folk.
  5. David, when you get to this comment on your visit to the dark recesses of the internet - first we are delighted that we clearly rile you this much - and second, accept the gauntlet that people will flog you out of your job as this housing market crashes. Murdoch will have to switch and you will be the proverbial toast. The 2.5% was only odd because the Nationwide had been massaging the figures and had to put the previous four months' statistical "rounding" in at some point before the ombudsman caught up with them. Coming months will have hair-raising data for you - maybe time to take that sabbatical at the University of Bull**it in Smithsville, Ohio.
  6. 100% agree Methinkshe - I would palce a bet on some notch quite far down the autistic spectrum. It is apparently highly prevalent in finance too - they can tunnel vision with figures etc as they are comfortable with non-emotional data (you don't tend to get them studying English literature for eg) and comes complete with a sense of humour bypass as they cannot do irony.
  7. I heard this too, and read in FT that Darling says banks must disclose their exposure "or he would introduce legislation to force them to". He also went on record as placing the Rating Agencies top of his list of culprits. Hmm. I think they are starting to hate being lied to as it keeps them in the position of public fools whilst the banks cream things off and squirrel away contingencies for their bonuses etc. 100 Days - takes us to the start of August - a classic time to bury bad news as everyone is on vacation. How crafty. Markets can crash whilst everyone is on the beach. That is what happened last year IIRC.
  8. This is not going to be politically correct - but frankly who cares? Labour is rude - they have no manners, no background, no upbringing, they are riddled with working class chips on their shoulders which may receive more sympathy if they had just a little ounce of a sense of correct behaviour. Shannon Matthews mother is the epitome of the root of the problem - no upbringing. Modern Britain. Brown humiliated the country in Lisbon, Irish import Walsh at T5 and now Darling in the US. They will bring us no friends internationally. Say what you like about old Etonians, they would NEVER have done this. They know better. Those who bark back at me - think about yourselves and your motives - and look at where it got Ed Balls. Just chipping away at class and privilege is a sorry way to live a life.
  9. I think you are SO right - instead of unleashing the HP genie as in 08/05, this time they have well and truly unleashed the inflation genie. IMHO I think this is Mervyn's last intended cut for a long while. They have been pushed into it by Broon, the mewling City and the mewling journos. They had very little room, and had to "be seen" to be playing their part before they crack down on the banks again. Next set of inflation data along with the APOCALYPTIC LABOUR LOCAL ELECTION PERFORMANCE will change everything and basically "set Mervyn free" to return to hawk central.
  10. True. But the pity for them is offset by the fact that they have usually bullied or politicked their way into their over-promotion, in my experience.
  11. Larry Elliott, Guardian. Author of "Fantasy Island". Curiously un-guardianesque renegade and all round good journo.
  12. Perfect! He is the ultimate Scottish Undertaker!!!!!!
  13. Cardiff is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It has more open green space than any other and a diverse mix of waterside, Victorian Civic Centre and very comfortable suburbs. Anti-Welshism is just for the inadequate.
  14. Downward spiral in HPs arrested by shocking and voter divisive interventions by HM Government which last about as long as a Fed rate cut in their overall effect and actually in the end reinforce the decline in house prices because they look like desperate measures (which they are). We will reach 15% down by end of year and 25% by next summer - delayed only fractionally by Gordon's meddling..............................
  15. Let's not forget, the media are there to chip away - they usually come with third class brains and frist class chips on their shoulders - oh and massive gobs........... They basically do not understand the whole economic process - cause, effect, all the shenanigans that te financial community try to keep as obscure aso possible. Most have only just learned the words "interest rate", and think their mortgage is directly related to the BoE...........................
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