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  1. Very interesting links posted, thanks. Accordingly would it be right in saying the discrepancy between low interest/saving rates and high inflation would be expected to get much much worse? Must find somewhere for the savings .....!
  2. I couldn't argue with a lot of that post but the fact of the matter is good luck on changing our (un)democtratic system any time soon. The cuts however are happening now so if people actually did something about it and united against it we could yet prevent them. You won't stop these cuts and the changes in society that will come through them by complaining about the politicial system as flawed as it is. It is too late for that.
  3. Personal gain ? Look at the previous government cash for honours, Mandlesons constant return to government, the MP expense scandle clearly not just Blair the worst of the bunch. This government early days yet, look at the list of MP's and Lords with personal interest in private health care providers (clear conflict of interest), donor clubs with Cameron. For a democracy to work efficiently you need checks and balances, the two main parties are now supporting very traditionally right wing policies. You need a credible left wing balance. And by left I mean a party supporting working people and equality - I think the right and left are a bit dated in modern politics. It took a long struggle to get decent employment rights and we should not just throw them away now. I don't pretend to have the answers but I support the people directly affected by these policies whether they be the disabled or teachers the nhs staff or whoever is next.
  4. It honestly does shock me that people believe teachers should have no say in the running of their profession and should accept any decisions from those at the top without question. Does anyone suspect that the motive of this and the former government is anything but personal and short term gains ?
  5. Educating children is a critical part of society. Its not simply about money. If the teachers feel strongly enough about these changes that they are willing to strike then good luck to them. I trust the teachers over the politicians any day, and of all the teachers I've ever met none could be described as militant. I wish more professions had a strong union membership through which they could oppose enforced changes to their working conditions. There is a huge amount of cap doffing on this site and in English society in general. Yes we should all be grateful to rich people for letting us live in their country, why its even better that I pay them even more for the privelige. The English working and middle class have become spineless.
  6. Your friends wouldn't happen to be Mr and Mrs Micawber by chance ?
  7. Well said (Blizzard) maintaining the status quo is what its all about hence the Labour and Conservative power charade. Same polices whoever gets elected dressed up as democracy. Make sure politics is not taught properly in the schools either and and new parties finds it almost impossible to start up due to media bias and first past the post elections. I don't think they care if the country goes bankrupt through debt, they will still be at the top of tree.
  8. I am guessing the reason your grandmother saved is so that she had no major money worries as her life went on and she had no other way of earning a living. She didn't want to be fully dependent on relatives or the state. Good for her. I doubt her main worry was what will happen to her money after she was gone. For her the saving was worth it, I'm sure all that cash in the bank let her sleep better and worry less. Your argument seems to be my grandmother saving all that money hasn't benefited me so what was the point ?
  9. Steve Jobs was put on the spot. Whats he going to say to the rest of the room, these jobs aren't coming back because we pay the Chinese peanuts and make them work in terrible conditions that in America would be illegal? You really think its that hard to train people to assemble electronics.
  10. Its saddening to think that anyone could blame the countries ills on the welfare state. The welfare state supports disabled, elderly, widows, children - and its there to help those who need it. Stop believing that everyone on benefits of any kind are living it up in the pub all the time, its simply a lie. Go and spend some time in a country with no welfare state and see what happens when people can't find work, they and their families starve. Thankfully most of us in this country wouldn't accept that. If you want to look at real candidates for the state of the country look to the power and those that fund and support it. Nearly all of the rich land holders did absolutely no work for their land - they inherited it and with the land comes power. That we all gladly accept that before we were born the land was divided up leaving most of it out of bounds to us doesn't make sense. Honestly what sort of idiot would blame the poorest most disadvantaged people in society for the condition of the country.
  11. Congratulations to Ruffles for posting the grimest view of the future yet. Reminds me of Threads.
  12. I don't see the lib dems being able to enforce the whip on an anti union vote, remember when the rabid Tory right talks about changing laws they don't have a majority.
  13. One of these days it'll be like the emperors new clothes, the markets will suddenly realise the games up for the pound. Its just backed by more and more increasing debt. There'll be no one willing to bail us out. Then I fear we'll see a real devaluation.
  14. books are the only thing that stops mankind having to reinvent everything every generation the internet is not free to use libraries are, teach a child how to read and use a library and the whole of mankinds knowledgde is open to them too important for society to leave to an idiot from the council - I bet they weren't elected on that policy that's for sure
  15. Be careful look what happened to the Graachi brothers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gracchi With a massive inheritance tax you could eradicate many of this countries inequality in one generation
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