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  1. Not content with destroying the market for used diesels, the governement now seem to be hell-bent on destroying the market in used hybrids and electric cars, as well as pissing off early adopters who thought they were doing the right, green thing, if this report is true http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5696245/New-law-silent-electric-cars-fitted-built-noises-warn-pedestrians.html No further details as to the spec and approvals required for this sound emitting device yet, or even whether it will be available for older hybrids (ie. if a software update is required to control it, and the m
  2. The private rented sector was deregulated, with the introduction of the Assured Shorthold Tenancy in the Housing Act 1988 to encourage people to buy property to let, or to let out an unused property, as there was a shortage of housing to rent, after the great sell off of Council Houses in the 1980's, The Buy to Let Mortgage was introduced as a product after this, but as house prices fell throughout the first half of the 1990's, buy to let did not really explode until 2000 onwards, when house prices started to show substantial growth and at the same time, other more traditional investments, par
  3. Note that this consultation was sneaked out on a Bank Holiday Monday, when all of the organisations who are likely to want to respond to it are likely to be closed down until Monday 4th. Jan 16. The consultation closes on Feb 1st. Say it takes at least a week for an organisation to hold internal meetings and consider a formal (as opposed to individual) response, then there is barely enough time. The government must be expecting some serious flack over this from the property/landlords representatives
  4. The answer depends on what people would consider to be a HPC?. A 5% fall would cause Daily Mail headlines of a Crash, but in reality this would only undo about 5 quarters increases in many areas, and is well within the "noise" of asking price to offer range.
  5. I'm wondering what the prospects are now for the Fixed Term Parliament Act, brought in after the coalition was formed in 2010 to give the smaller party the assurance that the larger party would not cut and run at the first opportunity.Will a majority governement will try to give themselves the power to set the General Election date again?. Probably difficult to repeal outright, but it could perhaps be amended, say, to reduce the 2/3rd's majority needed to call an election to a simple majority?
  6. All very well in principle, but what will all this cost in practice?. From the original post "Owners will have to prove they are not “buy-to-leave” investors by showing up-to-date utility and council tax bills, evidence of deliveries, registration documents for health services, schools and social services and even showing the homes are fully furnished" - this means a long winded process of snooping around to see if houses are furnished, verifying the above mentioned documents, trying to trace owners who are possibly overseas and don't want to be found, then there's the legal fees, don't forget
  7. My predictions for the 2015 General Election; 1). The lowest turnout ever recorded for a General Election as nobody thinks the politicians can solve anything any more. 2). Another coalition involving the Lib Dems as kingmaker, despite having polled abysmally as their traditional supporters stay at home in protest against them going into coalition with the Conservatives in 2010, causing constitutional problems as people challenge the legitimacy of a government chosen by the party that came 3rd again - it might have been accepted as a one off, but if this starts to look like being a permanent
  8. It does annoy me that politicians seem to think that the simple answer to pension problems is to increase retirement age, without appearing to consider the consequences for the jobs market, and in particular, youth unemployment. We should be debating how many hours work a modern economy can support, and at what stage of life people should be doing the necessary work. The UK has too an extent, hidden the youth unemployment problem with it's "University for all" policy. Assuming that we remain within the EU, I'm wondering whether we will see in a few years, something on the lines of an EU retire
  9. The Swiss will have a referendum on the introduction of a Citizens Income (date not yet known). I wonder whether this will get anywhere, it will be an interesting one to watch. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/10/04/us-swiss-pay-idUSBRE9930O620131004
  10. Can't see it happening with schools - schools provide other functions apart from education - free childcare for working parents (rightly or wrongly), discipline (or they should), even a safeguard against abuse in the home, a trusted person outside of the family that a child can approach, and teaching children to socialise. I can, however, in the case of higher education, see more use of E degrees and E - learning coming as an alternative to full time attendance at University, as increased tuition fees and increasing rents in halls of residence and private houses start to bite.
  11. Just a phrase really, I'm just saying that the facility was there previously, but no - one really enforced it's use as an alternative to travel until more recently.
  12. But what will the foreign students expectations be as regards housing?. Will they expect the Uni to provide accomodation, or will they be happy with a shared house?. Does anyone know how other countries house University students, do they have privately rented shared houses, or specially provided/tailored accomodation?. If they do have shared houses, what is the quality like compared to ours?.
  13. Bournemouth University's applications fell by 15.2% and the applications for the Arts University College Bournemouth fell by 19.2% this year (source Guardian). I don't know how this translated into actual intake though. I do know from friends who have put children through university, that many of them have hated the shared house experience, so I can quite believe that availability of good purpose built accomodation would be a big factor in choosing a Uni. Student numbers are projected to fall further in the coming years as the number of 18 -24 year olds in the population declines, so Uni's wil
  14. Details here: http://www.wintonforum.co.uk/planning.html Theres a link to a questionaire/consultation document that closes on the 7th.
  15. Avoid the "Uni End" of Winton, and parts of Charminster that are plagued with student lets if you want quiet - It's like a war zone for the ordinary residents left in these areas. As the council are likely to use additional licensing powers to control Houses in Multiple Occupation in these areas from next year, it's likely that some landlords will sell up rather than upgrade houses to meet licensing requirements, (depending on what the licensing requirements are in the end), so there's likely to be quite a bit of property in these areas on the market soon.
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