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  1. I noticed that it's not updating the SOLD STC status. This would be useful.
  2. I hadn't checked for several years whether there was a replacement to PB - so very happy to see the this plug in. Good work.
  3. Yeah, 50k USD both in and out. But it's possible to get family/friends to help transfer. Although the banks do ask more questions than they used to. So transfers of a few 100k are pretty easy. Larger amounts may present difficulties.
  4. Sorry old chap. Not quite understanding your banter....
  5. Zerohedge writer doesn't know much physics. Helium is very light which means that as a gas it's velocity is higher than the escape velocity needed by a particle to escape the earth's gravity field. So there is almost none in the earth's atmosphere. The only source of He on earth is from underground where it's been trapped.
  6. After 5 years everything looks like crap, even the expensive ones, probably a combination of air pollution and poor quality construction. Hasn't yet dented the resale value too much though.
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