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  1. the mind boggles, really. but once this is 'all over', a huge increase in unemployment is locked in, i can fairly easily imagine all government departments required to come up with huge 'efficiencies', i'd be very surprised if there weren't some exceptional new taxes/new tax rates brought in for high levels of income and/or wealth... so, yes, Corona will cause a HPC, but whether we're talking 5 or 10 or 25%, real or nominal, etc etc etc, is anyone's guess.
  2. Fairly futile thread on a national forum, where almost no-one will know that area intimately, e.g. that asking price would be bargainous for somewhere in say Mayfair, equally it'd be laughably bad for most areas of the country. If I had to guess what the issue is I'd say this was a case of someone extending [and also reducing average bedroom size as a part of this renovation] a smallish house to make it into a 'five bedroom house', & then being surprised when it's not worth as much as natural five bed house on a street that's full of them.
  3. Yeah, looks interesting. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/jun/25/home-ownership-out-of-reach-for-2-million-uk-families-says-thinktank
  4. Surprising that they have anything left after all those avocados & smartphones.
  5. NIMBYism alive and well. https://twitter.com/lauracgiles/status/887348178290397185
  6. haha. given that under 30s essentially don't buy houses any more, those numbers are, well, mind-blowing.
  7. "...there is a the possibility, subject to planning permission, a first floor could be added to part of the mews - increasing the size and practicality..." Maybe at the very end. For almost all of it you'd be building in front of someone else's window, which I doubt is allowed. Honestly I think it looks like it has some vague potential given the area it's in, though almost certainly as a pied a terre of some kind.
  8. @ b_real - thanks, do you know if it's managed to get a decent sized user base going, particularly compared to property bee?
  9. apologies for hoofing an old thread, I was just wondering whether property bee is still going/still has a decent sized user base/has been superseded or joined by anything else? I'm about to start looking at some flats in in East London, seems like quite a tech savvy area etc. thanks
  10. i can't understand the price for a house of that size in that location. even by current london standards it must surely be way out of kilter?
  11. he's worried that leverage ratio rules might have a, "potential effect on mortgages and other lending activity"?
  12. parts of that are sneaky - not spectacularly so but at least, well, she makes an effort: [a] by referencing the £20k she spent on a course, describing it as excessive but not [in the context of the games she'd later make] wasted, she confronts the fears of a skeptical reader head on; & by referencing the fact that she bought just as prices were about to fall & still did well she tackles probably the other biggest potential fear.
  13. agreed, the drivel she's spewing out is [very] mildly hilarious. first there's the basic maths whereby at the very most 1 in every 23 households can be landlord to 22 renter households - of course it's far fewer than that when you factor in very widespread owner occupation & the still very large state-owned social housing sector. more obviously of course there's the irony about her not wanting "to be dependent on the state" & deciding to escape this dependency by seetting up a 'business' whose entire revenue streams are 100% funded by, well, the state. somewhere I thikn there's maybe an unspoken assumption that what she's done [buying property from owner-occuperis or other landlords & renting it out] is somehow good for society??? there's the slight oddness around dates... firstly graduating in 1995 to first [low end] property bought in 2008 doesn't sound like what you'd call a runaway success story, plus of course there's a vague question around how someone who started in 2008 could progress so quickly to 'owning' 22 pwoperdees, given the modest HPI we've seen since then. but for me the charm is the in the small details... the greengrocer's apostrophe on 'months' in the very first sentence; the florid language ["...determined...", "...applauded by hard-working families...", " amassed", "scraping by", "shoestring", "not a hardluck story [tho i can only think she means 'not a good luck story'???]"... very much one to warm the cockles.
  14. what the heck is a "family"? if i left my wife & kids would my newly created household of one still be a "family"? would their household of three? what if my kids both fly the nest, would any of us still be living in a "family"?
  15. i'm now aged 38. at age 55: it's hard to say what type of work i'll be doing. a few 55 yr olds currently do my job but they're a small minority; my mortgage [20 yr taken out in 2012, only about 30% LTV, taken out at age c. 35] will be [only just] paid off. my kids will be aged 21 & 18. i'll have to wait 13 yrs until my [fairly decent, if i've stayed in work till then] work pension starts paying out. suspect my position's better than many but it hardly fills me with joy.
  16. i can't begin to think what sort of job [most obviously in London] a non-graduate young woman is going to do in order to follow this route? perchance an early career history that involves working for mater in an industry that's very closely related to what pater does? because that's what most people do, right?
  17. why wait till late 60s? why not wait till [say] 80, meaning that you'd only have to live in the too-big place you'd sunk your entire net worth in for a year or so? or would you even need to live there at all?
  18. that garage is a beaut pwoperdee, no doubt about it.
  19. there's only so much logic that you can apply to a bubble, i'm afraid.
  20. it'll be that new fried chicken shop on the high street
  21. i'd guess a combination of some or all of: [a] just tastes/fashions changing, herd mentalities & whatnot; a rise in the number of households where both parents work longish hours - if you're talking in terms of nursery dropoffs & stuff, the wheels can start to fall off even with extra 15 minutes' commute... and nursery opening hours even in places like St Albans tend to be shorter than in zone 2 or 3; [c] possibly a [smallish] rise in the number of people reliant on private cars for travel to & from work in the city... it's the norm now for reasonably bigshot bankers now to take a taxi to & from work & in law, banking, etc, even fairly junior staff who pull really late ones are similarly reliant on taxis. [d] it's relatively small beer when we're talking about a grand per squ foot in tooting bec or whatever but rail season ticket increases have been above inflation for quite a long time now.
  22. since we were talking abt overpriced property in this part of the world. £1.1m for 900 sq feet. that's a mere £1,225.99 per square foot, in case you'd been wondering. W1 prices come to SW12. this won't end well.
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