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  1. I understand that Government have to make redundancy payments to employees, should their employer become insolvent & unable to make the payments themselves. We could see a lot of these.
  2. I've lived alone for 4 years now & it's not nice. I'm 47, attractive, gsh etc etc etc ( notice the lonely hearts adspeak ). However, I would rather be alone than with the wrong partner. Sometimes life can seem bleak, but then something happens to brighten it all up again. I would love to have a wide circle of friends and/or a partner but I don't think that's going to happen now. Most people I know are completely wrapped up in their own lives & families ( quite right too ) and can't spare much time for socialising with singles. C'est la vie :-)
  3. My rubbish is collected every other Wednesday. It just so happens that I have been away for 5 out of the last 6 Wednesdays travelling through work. I live in a ground floor flat, with no garden. We are not allowed to keep our rubbish at the front of our properties unless it is collection day ( we don't have wheelie bins or dustbins, we are just required to put out black bags for normal rubbish and plastic boxes for recycling ). Last Sunday I took all my rubbish to the local tip which is exactly 11 miles from where I live. So, 22 mile round trip.....not very green is it ?
  4. Looking at that graph I've just made a very amateurish observation. If you look at the last 3 peaks you will see that they roughly equal the lows following the next peak in each case. What I mean is if you look at the 70's peak the bottom following the 80's peak was the same level, the bottom folowing the 90's peak was the same level as the 80's peak etc. On a very rough extrapolation it follows that the bottom following this last peak will be roughly the same as the top of the last peak......could that mean we're heading for a bottom roughly equal to 1989/90 prices ( adjusted for inflati
  5. Have signed up to a company who let you rent cheap, in unusual places (empty hotels etc) - but any other ideas? What company might that be ? :-)
  6. For me 3 things : April 2007 I had a conversation with several friends who were all talking about how well they were doing property wise. I commented that I believed we were heading for a major crash & that they might consider it further by doing some research of their own.....they looked at me like I was an Alien...one even commented that I might be a tad jealous of their situation....I replied that I would rather have £100 in the bank than a 50% mortgage on a newbuild in Swansea..........silence !!!! July 2007....a very dear friend "released some equity" ;-) on his house to add an e
  7. If the Times says it's a crash who are we to disagree ? :-) Taken from this morning's blog......... From The Times July 11, 2008 Free car with your new home: slump in housing market brings desperate offers Gráinne Gilmore and Judith Heywood “The speed at which house prices are tumbling is raising anxieties that the property crash could tip the economy into recession as hard-pressed homeowners, battling with higher costs of food, energy and mortgages, cut their spending. “
  8. I've been a lurker since the beginning & before that on the original FT Forum where I seem to remember Extradry Martini was a prolific poster. I know there are arguments that we haven't really gained anything by staying out of the market since 2002/3, but seeing as I wasn't in a position to buy then, there really was no choice. Now there is a possibility that prices will fall back to those levels in hard cash terms, but my salary is higher, so I'm in a much better position. Plus, currently living in Housing Association property ( yes, I know I'm lucky ), the only maintenance I've had to p
  9. If you are housed by your employer as part of a relocation deal then the "value" of the free accomodation is not taxed until the benefit reaches £8000......after that it is. You usually have a certain length of time to find suitable accomodation in the new area, but not usually more than about 6 months before the revenue would start to get interested in the package. If you are housed as part of your job...i.e. school caretaker etc..then it is not taxable....believe me I'm a Payroll Manager & have to deal with these issues all the time :-)
  10. I used to make my own clothes, hem curtains, knit jumpers !!!! until it became more expensive to indulge in these hobbies than to buy the Chinese versions for half the cost of making them myself. We have all fallen victim to the "throw it away & buy a new one" culture. I know I can make a better Lasagne than I can buy, but because I work long hours I don't expend the effort anyore, just buy the bland Tesco or Waitrose version instead. I used to make a shopping list based on menus for a month & buy, make & freeze accordingly, but was seduced by the fact I can just buy it, chuck i
  11. Strangely enough I took in ironing for a while in the late 80's/early 90's. Even then, business men would pay £1 to have a shirt ironed. It would take me 6 minutes to iron a shirt, so £10 per hour tax free, couple of hours an evening, couple of evenings a week brought in a tidy sum when I needed it most. The neighbours didn't mind, 2 of them were customers. My mum used to say "2 cars in the drive, nothing in the fridge " :-)
  12. My father was an average wage earner. my mother a housewife. They saved hard & bought their own house after much deprivation etc & now have a comfortable, but by no means wealthy retirement. I was not so fortunate, being unable to buy a property at the right time. Social housing, whether council ( which is subsidised ) or Housing Association ( which is not ) is provided for families who are felt to be deserving & who pass all the stringent tests & allocation rules. To be honest, I never thought I would qualify for this kind of help & am very ashamed at times that I did, b
  13. I worked part-time in a private nursery for a pittance of a salary...plus evenings in various bars & also took in ironing to support me and my daughter. Your assumptions about scroungers amaze me. You seem to think that everyone who is either paid a salary by the State ( I assume that also covers Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Dustbinmen, school dinner ladies, lollipop ladies/gents, the armed forces) is a scrounger. I did not receive subsidised housing until I had privately rented for over 10 years......and then only after spending time in a hostel for battered families. If you can't see wh
  14. I will move on as soon as I am able to ensure I will not become a burden on society. If I rent privately I don't think I will ever be able to save enough to buy even the smallest 1 bed flat. When my husband & I split up we had a 3 bed property. I immediately down sized to a 2 bed. When my daughter left home 3 months ago, I downsized to a 1 bed flat. I will give up this flat as soon as I can "stand on my own 2 feet like a normal adult ".....whatever normal is !!!!!
  15. Thank you for your comment & of course you are entitled to your own opinion. I never thought of myself as a scrounger having always contributed more than I received....also having been both a teacher & a volunteer I am secure in the knowledge that I am not worthless having touched the minds of countless children & disabled people who have crossed my path. I would also like to thank Brown Bomber for his contribution to society as a member of the armed services.
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