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  1. terrible typos and grammar.....im writing very fast on a small keyboard....apologies...cant remember how to edit the post!!
  2. I came on this site 7 years ago after I had a question about selling up my flat in london to move to Spain...(I sold.....lost a bit..but not as much as i would have had I held on to it) just a little anecdotal..... Since living in spain ive seen the good and bad of the spanish culture. Im happy living and working here, (Im in madrid)..I pay less then I would have living in london....Im happily renting..the house prices here are just stupid.....the lifestyle i could not have in the uk. Im dont like to complain....... BUT.....having been an employer here I see that the system just doesnt work. Its impossible to hire people without having to do a little under the table as the social security payments will bankrupt any small business. Most ppl here just want public sector jobs as they think that is all that will give them job security. Before the recent labour changed, the unemplyment benerfit allowed ppl to work 12 months, then take time offf and live off nearly full wage for 4-5 months(thats why my social security payements were so bloody high). It was imposible to fire bad workers.....of course now people are being fired left right and centre so the oposite is just as bad. The system is not fair...and its easily abused. I dont feel a sense of ambition here...to create businesses or to possible look out of the country. Everyone is moaning but doing nothing about it. Its frustrates me.....not educating themselves to do something....just moaning......im planning a new project (theatre and enteratainment) and people actually ask me why bother as the economy is so bad!! I believe that if you stop everything stops. Most of my spanish friends are having trouble finding work or on temporary contracts living at home with their parents, there really is a sense of doom right now. Prices have gone up considerably....for things like public transport and utilites but peoples wages are frozen or being cut. So its def getting tough. Most i know dont talk or know the full details about the bailout...or about economics in general..(my journalist friends of course do....all via twitter..thats where you find the real debate) .my expat friend speak more about it......the latest advert for the Euro2012 sponsored by Coke said..forget the ecomnoy..lets play football!!!!....this bailout was perfectly timed during the beginning of the football...its shocking how people just forget!! to have a beer and watch the match. Even the prime minister went to Poland to watch the spain/Italy match because he didnt want the people of Spain to think it was that serious. Scandalous!! Way too much pride issues going on. Right now those with huge mortagages and children feel cheated that the banks are being bailed out.....yet they are not, having lost jobs etc.....i personally feel they shouldnt have got such huge mortages and had 4 kids..but thats probably because ive been on this site for too many years...ahem. People are suffering because of the system, culture of entitlement, bad luck, laziness and pure ignorance. There is MAJOR curruption in most sectors...money being squandered left right and centre. you need to see some of ther egional airports here.......and see where the money was wasted. Huge places, for 1 flight a day!!!!! (logroño airport for example) Its going to be tough for many as there is not a benefit system to fall back on. This year I will see what happens, and then im looking out of spain next year. Shame because Spain and its people really are a welcoming lot!
  3. me too.....in madrid for 5 years now. all the people i know still in major denial...and a hel of a lot of people with Yen mortgages who now owe 1000´s of euros more on their mortgate!! I do think rents have gone down though.
  4. completed today. thank god. lost a few grand...mainly on the fees and early penalty for leaving fixed mortgage. it was a studio flat in north london.
  5. 3 months on and i exchanged this morning. completion in a few weeks as i have to do everything from spain. nearly there!
  6. d´oh ......for sure! you know what, some things are not meant to be ours.
  7. yep i should have followed my gut instinct then..but i got emotional. damn me and my emotions. grrrr. but yes ill be a few grand down thats all. thats if the sale goes through smoothly......got it all crossed. want to wait a few years and buy in spain. its crashing here like crazy and kinda fun to watch. the denial is incredible. the worst one was people having mortgages in yen...and when the euro dropped seeing their mortgages increase by nearly 30k .....some sleepless nights there for sure.
  8. yep early redemption, obviously i could wait until the end of the term...next jan....to sell...but by then i think ill lose a hell of a lot more then this penalty.
  9. last time i posted was 2 years ago when i asked the question should i sell........hon hum...my mistake as i was offered a silly amount for my small studio flat. north london. now i am selling in a falling market due to personal situation (leaving the country for good) and i know ill take a hit. ive just been offered a couple a grand over what i paid 4 years ago. i priced it with the agent lower then other agents wanted me to price it at to get their business (yep i been on this site all this time holding back my screams). the offer is still lower then the asking price but i just want out before i lose any more. the loses now will be penalty for getting out of fixed rate early and fees. i lose some of my large deposit..but no negative equity. fingers crossed it goes through (cash buyer) and I can be shot of the uk for good.
  10. i'll let you know what happens this week. lets see how good or bad the market is. i may have a private buyer in mind. not a big fan of agents charging me 3k to sell a flat on gumtree.
  11. as i'm not really going to live in it (if i have friends/tenants) its not going to give me the pleasure of it being my own place i can crash at any more. would love to keep it empty for me to do that, but interest rates mean my mortgage payments at least £150 more per month. yeah i can service it from afar but i know that i want to definetely sell it in 2 years. so i may as well sell now if i can get the price.....thats whats everyones saying! cos 2 years down the line i may get the same but thats with 2 years of "servicing" it!!! sammy the landlady..funny thought!
  12. oops forgot to say hi on this thread before posting my own! hi, sammy here. my parents helped me buy a flat a few years back in north london. circumstancs have changed as i am currently now living in spain with a chance of me staying here....renting. playing landlady is not bad (mainly people I nkow) mortgage payments all covered. thiking of selling up and watching the market for a couple of years before deciding where to lay my roots.
  13. moved out of my place this year (studio in north london) and currently living in spain. 2 year (low) fixed rate ends in jan. have mates who are willing to rent from me, covers all my mortgages etc but i think if i don't sell now i would want to sell in 2 years anyway. After seeing this site and the scary headlines, i think i should sell...at least try to get the maximum for it. I have a meeting with an agent on Mon, he seems to think it will go quickly at the price i want. i'm not overpricing it but 155k for a studio would make me happy. everyones telling me to sell if i get the price, are they right?? so confusing.
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