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  1. Heads up folk's, You people on this forum helped me so much back in 2007-9 - payback...... This was the catalyst for 2007-8 market crash. It was UK banks before, but the Federal Fund rate (US) - just dropped off chart! Inter lending banking freezes. DOOM ON! .... lag was 6-9 month last time. Imminent this time! Hopefully happy HPC. :] Jump to 4:20
  2. Hats of to you, you got the real architect behind all this. "No more boom and bust" ,and his cronies If you were going to run a country to destroy a country you would have done as Gordon Brown had done/wished. Communism at it's best and at the same time (without judgement) WORST! Everything from changing what we could and could not talk about (ethnicity, immigration, disability, age, ENGLISHNESS, throw in Europe and even gender). Then after a lot of diversity, multicultural, dignity and HEALTH AND SAFTY courses, the management was running scared! They then proceeded to impliment all above to the Nth degree keeping all management busy whilst creating a problem.(ie imergration) The management was complicit they wanted to comply with rules (as they always had). There was always a sense from the worker that something was wrong, but when people were sacked from being a so called racist, ageist, etc. they also fell into line. Gordons finest move with to create the monetry tripartite which completly disembowed the BOE from the mandate they served and raised a system the was complicite in the downfall of the banking system around the world! P.S he hates England. So my vote Englands biggest traitor. James Gordon Brown.
  3. In reply to the very enlightening under 35's post I feel very left out. I'm 40 years old, with three children 6, 12, 19. I work full time as an electronic engineer working on security products and with a lot of overseas travel and overtime, earnings are a modest ~46K, my wife works part time minimum wage with hours to suit. We live in the midlands area, so not such crazy house price's as South East but still well over priced. I was a home owner from the age of 17, buying a 2 bed terraced at 26K back in 87, on an apprentice wage of 8K. I lived in this for the next 10 years and sold it for 38K. Since then I have lived in and done up 4 houses with my family. In 2003 I bought what I thought was to be my final house for 180K and spent far to much doing it up, my fault totally, I lost all perspective of money. As the house prices rose I borrowed from the bank using my house as collateral to extend mortgage from 120K to 180K. My employer took a downturn early 2007 and offered no overtime, reality hit - wages lower than bills - we could no longer afford this fools paradise. We sold Nov 2007 for 340K paid of all debts and were left with 120K. we went into renting for 1 year finally buying a distress seller's 4 bed double garaged detached for 210K (2008) - asking price 2007 was 340K ~ 35% lower (after reading this site) . It needed a lot of hard work to modernize (which i still in the process) but this time a only spent what money we could afford. I now have a happy life work balance, but I wish house prices would still come down. You see I have 3 daughters, and the thought of them living with me until they are 30+ is .....well I don't want to think about it! I know it's all worked out for me (roughly) but after reading the under 35 thread (shocker) I have no dought that +35 have been hit by a simliar plight. Anyway I'm very interested in hearing from other people of age 35+ of their work and house situation.
  4. Thanks, finally got to 500 posts , Yes you are correct, I also aquired a small wine drinking problem, when ever i posted / read HPC, so i also broke the mould,for this. Anyway life could not be beter, semi retired for job (no overtime required +30 hrs per week at previous mortgage levels, and self built a study and 5th bedroom with a kitchen extension (19ft x 26ft) approved(need to save for materials (labour free) and a play room 15x14 approved also (but will have to justify with OH) so plenty to do but saddly lacking energy levels as when i was younger. How about you? .
  5. I have always been here, reading EVERY POST, but after buying a property, I would feel somewhat bragging for buying a property, and was not comfortable posting as a owner - occupier I visit a few sites each day- Every day, and this is site is a must!
  6. Hi, Sold in August 2007 (for highest price) - then rented for 1 year - then bought again. Back then there were a lot of distressed sellers and PANIC in market, I fortunately managed to pick up a property for 35% below initial asking, I went to see the EA who was agreeing with every thing I said (HPC)( and in all honesty pushed sale through to get a sale). There was panic (Midlands Area). From then to now, I have seen modest drops in market (bee) and are fastly approaching for similar property close to my acceptance price. I think that obtaining Mortgages will be the main stumbling block, and from this a sense of sensible lending. I have three daughters, 18,12,6. I have had enough of all of them; they have no realistic views and hope they will all bugger off ASAP and at a price affordable to them. (Girls are bloody expensive). I recently re-acquired about a loan for my 18 yr old, for her first car. She has no debt, and they were offering her nothing! (Lloyds) for a 2K loan earning 9k a year. I could not believe this and went to see her bank manager (I’m also in Lloyds). Indeed the computer said " NO Fukking way" so I did the obvious and used my credentials, so no cc debt, no current debt, savings of +5k, earnings of 45+k (private sec) and 2.3X income mortgage they offered me, yes me ..............................26% interest. So I withdrew all credit and lent it my daughter (0%). I truly hope that house prices fall big time (even as an owner) because I have three daughters that will need to find properties as I did when I was 17. I'm expecting a sudden realistic HPC because no FTB (my daughter) can buy! END OF!
  7. I was just about to post same quote. SAD if true!
  8. I was just about to post same quote. SAD if true!
  9. Good question, I'm fastly aproaching 40, Iv'e been 'opted out' of state pension for ten years and my pension pot is now ~£25k (was higher pre-crash 35K). Each year I get a statement suggesting it's time to opt back in. (is this a good idea in view of this article). Also is it true that it takes only 20 years a to build up a full state pension, the first 20 yrs are for free!
  10. Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00mb0jh Goto 1Hr 24 mins for start.
  11. Thanks for link Mega - very informative and definitely worth a listen.
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