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  1. Trouble is that it is not the sort of news that bears want to hear. A couple of months ago it was Northern Rock fiasco, credit crunch, US property crash, quiet time of year for property on the way and interest rate rise(s) which raised hopes. Three things now seem to be giving the market confidence which have not helped those hoping for a drop in prices: Change in CGT which influences BTL owners to wait until April before selling. Rumours of Interest Rate cuts rather than rises. Stubborness of market to show real signs of collapse. Without these three the high expectations of September would still be with HPC.
  2. Rather than start at the beginning if we need to air this subject might it be pinned (or put in a vault for refreshment after an HPC). Some good stuff on the thread and it would be a pity to have to start from scratch if the need arose.
  3. Wow, nearly seven pages on a topic whose reason for existence has not yet materialised!
  4. Yes, from what you now say I think she should probably have said. "Excuse me sir/madam, I wonder whether I could interest you (cue for your to say NO) in one of our products (cue for you to say NO) which might (cue for you to say NO) attract up to 60% growth over a period of 6 years (cue for you to say NO)". I assume that after you laughed you then asked her some questions which alerted you to the further information pertaining to the product on offer? What do you mean by B? Do you mean that a customer not knowing that a capped investment without a fixed return is capped is preferable (ie she should leave out "up to 60%" in the offer?). Your comment actually remind me of a Monty Python sketch though not sure which one.
  5. To be fair, what the individuals referred to are lacking is education rather than intelligence. It is fun to take the mickey out of them though.
  6. I think that, if we are honest, we will admit that absolutely no-one actually knows or can reasonably predict whether prices will rise, fall or stagnate. Little point in criticising, assessing or approving any such claims whether it be VIs, Official Sources or HPC members (bulls, bears and neither included obviously).
  7. FP - on Sky News back in mid September you said that you expected small falls in property prices next year and that you expected that to continue for several years (I seem to remember you mentioning 3% for next year) - have you changed your view since then or will that actually equate to 40% nominal drop within 5 years?
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